20 Most Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Kenya

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If you have been wondering about what the 20 Most Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Kenya are, Here is a report that will clear all your have had in mind…

It’s possible to start some of them with a small amount of money. In this article, you’ll learn how to generate money both online and offline.

Isn’t it the best? Some of these business concepts may be run from the convenience of your own home

20 Most Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Kenya

20 Most Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Kenya

Top Business Ideas in Kenya You Should Consider

1. Blogging

If you can write or have the capacity to learn how to write, start a blog. Blogging is a good way to make money online in Kenya.

All you need is internet access, good research skill, an interest, a laptop and a lot of time.

Your most important and perhaps expensive investment in a blogging career is your time.

Also, since you would want people to find your blog posts without manually promoting them all the time, you would need to learn how to optimize your posts for search engines like Google or hire the services of an SEO Expert in Kenya.

Set up a free blog with WordPress or Wix or if you have some money, set up your blog on the self-hosted server; populate your blog with quality content, get people to read your content (drive traffic), get their confidence, and monetize your blog with Google AdSense, display advert, affiliate marketing or sell information products such as ebooks, etc.

So how do you get started?

It’s simple: when you initially start your side hustle, you don’t have a lot of traffic or exposure.

As a result, you should raise the price of your product early on in your blogging adventure.

One strategy is to start with a B2B consultancy funnel and sell to companies rather than individuals.

Businesses have more money than people, so instead of concentrating on advertisements and affiliate schemes at first, concentrate on high-end consultancy.

This new blogging strategy for making money is built on three main success pillars:

  1. Choose a niche for your blog based on the audience’s financial possibilities, professional leverage, and market needs.
  2. You may increase your backlink acquisition and Domain Authority (DA) quicker by not writing as much and outsourcing some parts of your content and SEO operations.
  3. Finally, by implementing the right high-end blog monetization strategies at the right time in your blog’s lifecycle, you can 100x your revenue while only closing 3-4 high-end clients rather than hundreds of affiliate sales.

2. Tomato Farming Business

Agriculture offers one of the best cash chain investments in Kenya today.

This business is rewarding, and at the same time, not expensive to start up.

However, before you start the tomatoes business in Kenya, you’ll need to find out what type of tomatoes are in demand.

This information can be gotten from those who supply seeds, as they will be able to inform you better on popular demand.

Also, they will let you know the varieties that are patronized best.

You will also need to ensure that the seeds you finally pick will grow well.

3. Gym Business

Fitness has always been a source of concern, and Kenyans have also caught the bug.

This is because of the high rate of cancer that continues to ravage people.

If you are a fitness and health enthusiast, then you can look towards starting a gym-related business in Kenya.

You will need to have enough finance to equip your gym center.

4. Cosmetics Production Business

If you love beauty, then going into the cosmetics business will be your best bet.

For you to do well in this business in Kenya, you will need to engage in some deep research.

Why is this important? This is because you will need to learn new things about the cosmetics industry that will keep you up to date, creative and innovative in business.

5. Sale of Mobile Phone Accessories

This is a very lucrative business in Kenya today. With as little as Ksh. 100,000 saved you are good to go.

While you will do well by renting space if you have the money, this business can also be done in mobile fashion i.e. by carrying your products to places they are needed.

In this case, you have to first identify your market and feed them with their needs.

You can even partner with companies like online stores in Kenya for easy market penetration.

What drives this business is the rapid growth in the use of mobile phones in Kenya.

Kenya has an estimated population of 50 million people.

There are more than 30 million connected through their mobile phone line.

Accessories that are common in demand include batteries, memory cards, battery chargers, earpieces, screen guards, pouches, etc.

You can get supplies from Computer Village (Lagos) or online stores.

Phone Accessories business is one sure way of getting into online importation.

Also, you could make your business stand out by venturing into mobile phone insurance.

This has proven to improve the confidence of customers in your products.

6. Mobile Phone Repairs

This is a business idea that will fetch you good money if you are patient to learn how to repair and maintain mobile phones.

With less than Ksh. 50,000 you can start a phone repair and maintenance business in Kenya.

All you need to start is a little training, a laptop, software tools, some regular home tools (screwdriver, soldering iron, brush, battery tester, etc.), and some marketing to let people know what you do.

You will also need to develop good relationships with dealers of quality accessories.

With as low as Ksh. 10,000, you can purchase a repair kit from any eCommerce store. Just make payment with your debit cards, and you’re ready for business.

7. Plantain Chips Production and Sales

You have seen it everywhere – the delicious crunchy snack made from unripe plantain. Hawkers sell them along the highways.

The catch is, you probably did not realize it is such a lucrative business in Kenya.

A small-scale plantain chip enterprise with an initial investment of fifty thousand is capable of returning Ksh. 10,000 in profit daily.

If you’re looking for business ideas in Kenya with low capital, you should consider this.

It is a type of business you can start with 5,000 or even less.

You can start this right from your kitchen. Just place your brand name on the transparent nylon, and you’re good to go.

You will need to get some coaching from someone already doing the business, learn some recipes, and develop a supply chain both for your raw materials (plantain) and finished products.

8. Ice block Production and Sale

When you talk about small business ideas in Kenya, ice block production comes to mind. Kenya is located within the tropical climate region with an abundance of sunlight and heat.

Unfortunately, the electricity supply is very poor, making it difficult for homes to maintain adequate stock of cold water in their refrigerators.

This is what makes ice block production a money-spinning business in Kenya.

People require ice blocks to keep their water and drink cold.

Your market includes households around your neighborhoods, retail shops, restaurants, and bars that need to keep their drinks ice-cold at all times.

The good thing about this business is that you can kick off with the little you have.

You need a deep freezer as well as a medium-sized generator and you’re all set. As you make money, you can scale up by acquiring an ice block-making machine.

So, looking for a small business to do? It could be this.

9. Liquid Soap Production

The market for liquid soap in Kenya is so large that the well-established brands are not meeting demand.

Every household in the country needs this product. So there will always be a demand for it. You just have to be the one supplying.

If you look around you, you will find homemade liquid soaps with no branding at all, packaged in used plastic bottles being sold for between Ksh. 50 and Ksh. 100.

This is one of the major investment opportunities in Kenya today.

You can make so much money producing liquid soap and selling to supermarkets and other shops that retail to end-users, restaurants, bakers, caterers, and home keepers.

You may have to acquire some training that is available at vocational centers run by churches, government, and non-governmental organizations. Create a large market by branding and fine packaging and you will smile at the bank.

10. Car Wash

The need for a car wash will always be on the rise and anybody can do this business irrespective of age.

With a little more capital, you can start a car wash that appeals to upwardly mobile individuals by setting up a sitting area decorated with a TV set where your customers will sit while their cars are being washed.

You can make it a multiple income stream businesses if you have space by adding the sale of drinks, shawarma, etc at the sitting area.

The critical things needed for a car wash business are the space that can be rented, the source of water, and the washing machine.

11. Rental Services

People constantly need things that they do not possess.

Some of the things you can start contracting out includes chairs, canopies, vacuum cleaners, cutleries, cooking utensils, music box, ladder, etc.

Once you are known to be engaged in this business in your environment, you may not be able to meet demand.

If you have an interesting range of expensive gadgets or equipment, you might consider exploiting them for side income businesses hiring them out on hourly use basis.

If the business gets going, you can add more items as you discover what people like renting.

Prepare a leaflet, advertise in a local newspaper or use social media to announce your services.

This particular business idea can be capital intensive sometimes and may require you to check out some platforms Branch

12. Mini Importation

The internet has redefined trade and commerce. Many people have struck gold by importing items online through eCommerce sites like Alibaba, Aliexpress DHgate, global sources, etc.

With about Ksh. 300,000 or even less, you’re open for business.

Identify people’s demands. Search all the eCommerce websites, get a procurement agent to purchase these items.

The agent will then send them to you to sell and make your cash.

Even with the falling value of the Naira, people who are engaged in this business still smile at the bank.

Items you can import and many varied and may include: mobile phone accessories, cosmetics, fashion items, etc.

This post is a very helpful resource on all you need to know about mini importation.

13. Information Marketing

This is another internet-based business that has taken people out of poverty in Kenya.

Do you know anything that people don’t know, or know something that other people know but can present it differently, or know someone who knows something that others may not know?

You may be on your way to making money by packaging the information in the form of a report, an ebook, video, or audio and selling online.

Take note, you do not have to write it as there are many resources online to help you.

You can outsource the writing on Fiverr, buy master resell rights or private label rights books, rewrite and rebrand to your choice and sell.

14. Affiliate Marketing

This online money-making opportunity is a lucrative business in Kenya anyone can start with little or no investment.

An affiliate marketer helps companies or individuals sell their products and earn a commission.

Products you can sell online here can be digital products or physical products.

You can sign on with as many affiliate programs as you can handle and use your affiliate links to promote the products through social media or by creating dedicated websites.

Many people in Kenya have become millionaires through affiliate programs.


15. Website Design and Maintenance


Lots of businesses now have an online presence.

Many high net worth individuals like politicians, chieftains of corporate organizations, and successful business people are now using online tools such as websites to promote their brands and personality.

This trend has increased the demand for website designers.

If you learn how to use common design tools and build excellent websites, you are in for good business.

To be successful, you need to know how to design professional websites, create web graphics, build web pages, and upload web pages to the server.

Other skills you will need include domain name registration and how hosting services work.

As you gain capacity, you may add domain name registration and host to your service bouquet.


16. Call Card Business


This type of business is also known as the recharge card business in Kenya.

There is hardly any adult who doesn’t own a phone. This is one of the reasons why those in the recharge card business are doing so well.

You too can join the train as you begin to tap into the market.

17. Food Cart/Mobile Food Business

Ask yourself this question – what sells fast in Kenya? Food is one of the primary needs of man. Whatever the condition is with a man, he must eat.

As a result, the food business will always be lucrative in Kenya. It is one of the most thriving businesses in Kenya.

The key to success here is to differentiate yourself by choosing a specialty menu, a niche, and a market segment.

You cannot be everything to everybody.

Select your market carefully where the returns are higher.

For example, you can choose to serve workers of big organizations like a digital bank, oil and gas companies, and multinational organizations and develop a relationship with their HR departments to allow you to bring your food during their lunch or within specific hours of the day.

You can add special delivery of specialty food to busy executives as part of your service.

18. Sports Betting Agency

Thinking of how to make money in Kenya? Think sports betting.

This has become a goldmine business in Kenya as the young and old take advantage of their love for football to make money while enjoying the round leather game.

This also explains the reason there is an upsurge in sports betting companies (bookmakers).

Sports betting companies need agents to relate with players directly.

You will need a neat environment for office space ( a shop will do), a generator, a computer, a printer, an internet connection, and a fixtures board.

Next, you sign an agency agreement with your bookmaker. With some companies, you make money in three ways: board games, virtual games, and deposits you make on behalf of your customers.


With Ksh. 250,000, you can sure be in this business and begin to smile to the bank.

19. Freelance writing

Writing is an extensive field that cannot be exhausted, and it is one of the best business opportunities. A writer can be successful by focusing on a particular subject or type of writing. A freelance writer can choose among online articles, business plans, resumes, short stories, and even ghost-writing, among many others.

Little to no experience is required for you to make it as a writer. All you need is to be good in a particular language and have an internet connection and a laptop.

20. Beauty salon and spa

Kenya’s beauty industry has undergone a massive transformation in the recent past. This has resulted in an increased demand for cosmetic products and services. And this is a good business opportunity for you to tap into.

If you set up a beauty salon or a barbershop/beauty salon/spa and offer great services, you might just land yourself numerous clients.

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