5 Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada From Anywhere

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Canada is a popular destination for immigrants. Immigrating to Canada is a dream for many people. The country has a lot to offer such as the best education, culture, environment, healthcare, job opportunities, lifestyle and most importantly safety.

Canada is the second largest country in the world. It offers skilled workers plenty of opportunities and better life prospects. Canada offers an advanced education system and free basic healthcare for all their immigrants and citizens.


Canada’s government is in favor of immigration and aim to admit more immigration each year. There are a number of ways to enter into Canada under various immigration programs. Additionally you can obtain a work permit, student visa or work holiday visa to begin living in Canada.

Here are the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada:

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1. Family Class Sponsorship Canada

Having a family member with Canadian citizen will make it a lot easier to immigrate to Canada. If your spouse is a permanent resident or Citizen, it’s easy for you to immigrate to Canada via this connection.

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You have to prove your relationship and provide a few documentation. Other relationships that qualify for this sponsorship including common-law partners, parents, grandparents and dependent children. Canada fully supports this program that units families.

2. Canada’s Express Entry Immigration Program

The easiest way to immigrate to Canada is also the fastest way. The Express Entry Program is the fastest way you can immigrate to Canada. If you are interested in living and working full-time in Canada, you can formally express your interest in becoming a permanent resident by creating an Express Entry Profile.

The Express Entry Program is based on a point-based ranking system. Those individuals with the highest score will be invited to apply for immigration. You can be one of those individuals.

3. Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program

If you have a useful work skill, your knowledge and expertise can lead to one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada. Canada has a shortage of qualified and skilled workers. Your existing occupation should fall in one of the listed occupation categories called the National Occupation Classification.[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1252″ title=”In- Article Ads”]

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Many factors are taken into account including whether you have a job offer from a Canadian company. You can be chosen as a permanent resident based on your education, work experience, knowledge of English and French. You have to prove your skills and experience.

Additionally, you have to prove your language ability in English, which is a minimum score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Most importantly, you must show you have money for you and your family to settle in Canada.

4. Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

There are provinces in Canada that have a shortage of skills. You can apply for the PNP where your skills, education and work experience contributes to the economy of a specific province. Each of the province target a specific group of skilled workers to see if you will meet their labour market needs.

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The province will have an eligibility requirement in order to nominate you for the program. As soon as you are nominated, you can proceed with applying for permanent residency. This program is designed to meet the labor market and economic development needs of each province.

5. Canada’s Federal Skilled Trades Program

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This Canadian immigration program focuses on specific trades that Canada needs. This gives you the opportunity to quickly obtain permanent residency. The program is fairly new. It has been developed to address the growing shortage of skilled trades in areas that Canada is experiencing rapid growth due to its strong economy. Some of the trade Canada is looking for include electrician, machinists, cooks, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers and more.

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