Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Web Page

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Today, in this new post, i will show you The Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Web Page. AdSense stands out as the best contextual paying ad network. It is a good thing you who are a partner know how many Adsense Ads units are allowed per page.


To counter fears of going against Adsense Policies, just read this report.

It is very important to follow AdSense guidelines in order to avoid having your AdSense account banned.


Here’s one of the most common questions new bloggers ask:

Q1“What is the maximum allowed number of Ads units per  page?”

Q2“What are Adsense?”

Q3“What is the different types of Ads unit that are accepted by Google?”

Q4“What is the number of sites on which I can place my Ads ?”

Q5“Can i place my Ads on a guest site?”


As you can see, the list can continue. What is your challenging questions. Write them in the comment box below and I will write a new post on it for many others to learn.


Types Of Adsense Offered By Google

Google AdSense offers different types of ads and most are categorized in the following formats:

You can create a new ads unit based on the following five categories

Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Web Page
Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Web Page

Display Ads: All rounded great ads unit created to fit and work or display well in anywhere on your page. Google recommends this type to be used most often.

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In-feeds-ads: This ads unit will match the look of your site, fit in between posts and listings.

In-article ads: It will always match with your site and functions well within articles and contents within pages.

Matched content ads: It is a content promotion ads unit to boost up your income and engagements to your site.

Search engine ads: This is the Google powered search engine that shows ads with search results


  • (Google offers AdSense video units as well, This feature is only available to networks with a dedicated Google account manager, and might not be turned on for your network. Contact your account manager for more information. If you do not have an account manager, your network is not eligible for this.) feature.
  • Generally, An ad unit in Ad Manager is a space on a webpage where ads can serve via ad tags. Ad units have one of two types of sizes: standard sizes and video sizes. Standard sizes represent regular display ad slots. Video sizes represent video players on a page that can show VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) ad responses.
  • A video ad unit is an ad unit that contains at least one video size.


Here are the maximum AdSense ad units allowed for a web page:

AdSense Content Unit

In the past years, Google Ads had a limitation of a maximum limit of 3 ad units for normal accounts while premium partners enjoyed serving up to 6 ad units per page.

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This limitation was lifted in August 2016. From this, you can place an unlimited number of AdSense ads on a page with the condition that the ads units placed are not more than your content..


AdSense Content Units Sizes Available.


  1. 728*90
  2. 468*60
  3. 234*60
  4. 125*125
  5. 120*600
  6. 160*600
  7. 180*150
  8. 120*240
  9. 200*200
  10. 250*250
  11. 300*250
  12. 336*280


Depending on the structure of your site, anyone of Ads Unit can be created. TO CREATE ADS UNIT:

  1. Signing in to your Adsense
  2. head to Overview on the dashboard,
  3. choose the ads unit type you want to create  and click on
  4. name the ads unit you are creating and size it. Give it any of the above ads unit sizes(do this on the right side of the ads unit creating a board that is open before you).
  5. Create it by clicking on the blue save and Get code button that is visible on the bottom right side.
  6. Copy your code and place in the HTML gadget any widgets you are using in Blogger layout, or anywhere you want the ads unit to appear on the page in the HTML format of it.


You’ve learned much about the ads unit, so we go back to How Many Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Web Page 

Personally, I have found 336280 and 160600 to be the most effective.


You can also use ads from multiple publisher IDs.

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AdSense Link Units



If you have not yet set up AdSense For Search units, read our guide:


How To Set Up AdSense For Search

How many AdSense ads can you put on a page?

As mentioned above, Google has lifted the limit restrictions. As long as your ads do not exceed your content, there is no upper limit on the number of ads on a single page.

Just to add,

It’s important to note that while picking the number of ads, you should think about the size of your post. All you must need is not to get ads that kind of spam your page. This is discouraging to your readings who for sure will leave and not come back. They kind of say things like this, “You care about your money and not about the help they get from the age”.  So, for the short post, place just one ads unit. For a longer post, you can place more than one.

Google AdSense has explicitly mentioned:


“We may limit or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made.

So I suggest you keep less than 5 ads per page. You do as I do sticking to 3 or 4. Again, I say that this is not a rule.


What is your experience on this topic.

Share with others.



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