Beforward Japan Stock List – Japanese Used Cars for Sale

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Beforward Japan Stock List: Japanese Used Cars for Sale

Beforward Japan Stock List: BE FORWARD: Japanese Used Cars for Sale

This guide provides all the information about the Beforward Japan Stock List to help you find the information you need. Get the Beforward Japan Stock List details here. BE FORWARD is the No. 1 Japanese used car exporter. Always have a large selection of low-priced, discounted vehicles. Customers are satisfied with their buying experience with BE FORWARD, which keeps the repeat customer rate at least 80%.

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BE FORWARD’s cross-border e-commerce site marks 56 million page views per month (as of May 2015), an overwhelming number for a used car exporter in Japan, which places the company within the top 15 of the most frequently searched companies after Google and Yahoo (often exceeding Wikipedia’s ranking) in the dominant African markets, including Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.

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