Benefits of castor oil for fertility

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Castor oil, also referred to as Palma Christi (meaning Palm of Christ) is an ancient and modern-day natural medicine used to help the body heal itself. Palm of Christ? Yes, believers in God use it thanks to its potent spiritual healing power since biblical days.

Getting pregnant doesn’t end with intercourse.  Medical treatments are a great idea but a few natural remedies such as castor oil are important too. Using castor oil is one of the best ways to up your chances of conceiving a baby.

So, let’s look at a few benefits of using castor oil for fertility:

6 Ways Castor Oil Benefits Your Fertility and Reproductive Health

  1. Increases Blood Circulation

If you want to stimulate your circulatory system, go for castor oil therapy. Once your blood flow increases, it causes fresh oxygenated blood to flow through your abdomen/pelvis, nourishing your reproductive organs. They include your fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus.

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Such blood circulation helps boost proper function and egg health which helps women to get pregnant unlike when their reproductive organs experience inadequate circulation.

  1. Promotes Hormonal Balance

One other amazing benefit of castor oil is that it increases dopamine and oxytocin, also called our feel-good chemicals. Our love and connection hormone, oxytocin also enables weight loss, reduces cortisol (stress hormone), regulates blood pressure and all that promotes healthy progesterone levels. Using castor oil balances progesterone levels and promotes fertility significantly.

Castor beans and oil in a glass jar

  1. Supports Uterus

During those nine months of pregnancy, the uterus which should be healthy and strong serves as the new child’s home. For conception to result in safe pregnancy and delivery, keep your uterus strong enough to support the baby. Use a castor oil massage pack to help promote the health of your uterus and increase your overall fertility.

  1. Boosts Immune System Function
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Reproductive organs are surrounded by lymph nodes and are home to lymphocytes (lymph cells) and lymph (fluid) which are part of the body’s immune system. The function of the lymphatic system is its persistent shielding of the body from disease.

If a woman applies a castor oil pack over their lower abdomen, it helps stimulate the movement of the lymph via the reproductive area. The lymphatic system, therefore, goes to work to get rid of waste (toxins) from the reproductive area which helps to cleanse the reproductive organs.

  1. Promotes Natural Detoxification

Castor oil therapy boosts blood flow to the liver. This stimulates the liver to detoxify and boost liver function. The liver flushes out any traces of anti-fertility drugs, anti-fertility hormones and other biologically active molecules from the blood. A healthy liver leads to a lymphatic system that functions well.

  1. Relieves Stress
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If you are struggling with infertility and stress, try castor oil to relieve the stress and then try getting pregnant. Stress is bad news for anyone dealing with infertility and reproductive health concerns though only few women are aware of it.

Undergoing castor oil therapy requires you to step away from your daily routine temporarily to be there with yourself and have adequate rest.

How Many Times Should You Apply Castor Oil Packs?

The standard times to apply a castor oil pack is at least 3-4 times a week for an hour.  Since you are trying to conceive, never use the oil after ovulation. Make use of the quiet and restful time a castor oil therapy offers you.  

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