Bypass FRP Galaxy J3 Prime (Android-7) without Odin 2023

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Once again, welcome! Today, we’re going to discuss with you a new method for bypassing the FRP on the Galaxy J3 Prime (without the need of the Odin tool). If your Samsung J327T device has a FRP lock and you are unable to enter the home screen, then you should follow this approach. Only Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Android-7.0 smartphones can be unlocked using this method; carefully follow the instructions below. Bypass FRP Galaxy J3 Prime (Android-7) without Odin 2023

Before we start

Warning:-This Method is only for device owners.

Note: This method we applied and worked on Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime. you can follow this method to any of your Samsung J3 Prime versions. We tried this method on an SM-J327T FRP lock device.

Let’s start  to Bypass FRP Galaxy J3 Prime (J327T FRP)

-First of all, Turn off your device.

-Then connect to a good Wi-fi network connection.

-After that, go back to  the “welcome” screen.

-Now, press home key 3-5 times continuously, then wait “5” sec to enable talkback features.

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-Then you will get a “talkback tutorial” screen.

-After that, draw “L” on your talkback tutorial screen, then you will get the “Global Context MENU ” screen.

-Double tap on “talkback Settings“.

-Once you have “Talkback Settings” on your screen.

-Then disable the “Talkback features” simply by pressing the home key “3-5” times.

-After that, in the Talkback settings go down then tap on the “Help &  Feedback”.

-Then select “About Switch Access for Android“.

-Now tap on the “Youtube Video” this will show you a Youtube video title.

-Just tap on “Video title” and then this will redirect you to “Youtube Applications”.

-Now you can access “Youtube” to Bypass FRP Galaxy J3 Prime. Follow the below process very carefully.

-After that, drag down the video, tap on “3“dots from the top right corner of your youtube application.

-Then tap on the “terms & Privacy Policy“.

-Then once again you will get another popup window on the bottom of your device screen.

-Select the “Samsung Internet” browser from that popup.

Note:- If you see a popup message regarding “update Samsung internet“, just tap on cancel.

-Congrats, now you have successfully accessed the “Samsung Browser” and now download frp files to successfully Bypass Google FRP Galaxy J3 Prime (J327T FRP).

Download FRP Files and ADB tool

-Now tap on the “Google Search bar”. then type “Bypass FRP Gadgets” then tap on “search”.

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-Now there you will have the result of the “” site on the top of your search result. just visit that site.

-Go down, and download the “Apex Launcher” from there, and wait until the download finishes.

-Download files from here- Download FRP Files

-Then, tap on the “Bookmark” from the bottom bar of Samsung internet Browser, and then go to the “history“, after that  tap on “Download history“.

-Now you will be able to see your downloaded app “Apex Launchcher.apk“.

-Then just tap on the “Apex Launcher“,

-Then tap and select “Package installer“.

-After that, you will get a popup message about installation being blocked, just tap “settings” from that pop up.

-Enable “Unknown Source” from there.

-Then, Go back to the “Downloads” sections, and then once again tap on the “Apex Launcher” and install the application by tapping on Next > Install  > Open.

-Now you can access the home screen of your device, but still frp is locked, now follow this process to Bypass FRP Galaxy J3 Prime.

Enable ADB Mode Galaxy J3 Prime

-Now open the menu and then open the Calculator.

-After that, Type the code there “(+30012012732+”

-Then once again type there “*#*#0808#*#*

-Now, select “DM+ACP+ADB” from there.

-After that, select and tap on the “Reboot” button from there.

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-After the power on your device, then once again you will be stuck on the  “Welcome Screen” of your device.

-Now we need to Bypass Google FRP Galaxy J3 Prime by downloading an ADB FRP tool on your PC.

Download Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime FRP Remove tool

-Open any internet browser and then download the ADB FRP tool from below.

-After that, extract the “ADB FRP Tool” on your PC using winrar or 7Zip.

Download-Click here to download

-First connect your device to PC,

Make Sure:- Install the Samsung USB driver first.

-Then, open the extracted “ADB FRP Tool” folder.

-There you will  able to see “FRP_Gadgetsdr.bat”

-Just run the “FRP_gadgetsdr.bat” from there.

-Now a “CMD” window will open.

Now Bypass Google FRP Galaxy J3 Prime

-Check your device you will get a popup “Allow USB Debugging”, just tap “OK” from that popup.

-Press any key and execute the operation to Successfully Bypass Google FRP Galaxy J3 Prime.

Remember: you will get the same CMD window while you try to Bypass FRP Galaxy J3 Prime, if you don’t get this type of CMD window then reinstall the USB driver and change the USB cable.

-Now Done, to Unlock J327T FRP Without PC..

-Then Reboot your device then setup all the setup processing.

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