Bypass Google FRP Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus 2022

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Bypass Google FRP Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus 2022

Bypass Google FRP Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus 2022


It is now simple to avoid Google FRP Bypassing FRP on the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus is well known. Now that the Samsung Galaxy A6+ is a little more complicated, we advise that you write down your synchronized Gmail ID and password before performing a hard reset on your Galaxy A6 Plus (SM-A605F FRP, SM-A605G FRP). Alternatively, you can unlink your Samsung devices’ Google accounts. As everyone is aware, Samsung has upgraded the security protections on its Galaxy series of handsets. You must carefully follow a few steps in order to bypass Google FRP on a Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus. Here we are

In order to confirm that you are the device owner after a hard reset, the device will require you to enter your previously synchronized Gmail ID. In order to access your device’s home screen once more, you must Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy A6+ if you forget your Gmail ID and password.

This technique works on all other Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus models as well as the Samsung Galaxy A6 (SM-A605F), which is where we tested it.

You must download a few files, combination files, stock firmware, Odin, and ADB FRP tools in order to bypass the Google Account on the Samsung Galaxy Samsung A6 Plus. all of the files below.

Samsung has corrected all of the previous bypassing techniques and updated all security patch levels. the FRP on the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus can now be bypassed using a new method. carefully follow the steps listed below to bypass your Google Account on your Samsung Galaxy A6+.

Let’s Start to Unlock FRP Samsung A6+

First, power off your Device by long pressing on your device’s Power Key.

Then Download the Following files from below.

Now Start to Unlock FRP Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.


Before you start with this process you need to fulfill all the prerequisite criteria then you can properly bypass frp lock from your Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.

Your device must have 50-60% of battery charge before performing the frp process.

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Check your device model number.

Most importantly, follow the below guide properly.

Samsung A6+ Combination File


Odin Tool


Samsung Stock Firmware




Now Download Stock Firmware

First of all, we also share with you the latest stock firmware for Samsung Galaxy A6+.

But if your device has some problem while flashing stock firmware on your device then you need to download the latest stock firmware from “”.-

Follow the link here to go “”=> Here

After that, you will see the signup or sign in button from there.

Then sign up with a “free account” from there.

Once done, go to the “Firmware” tab and from the “top” bar and put your device model name and download the latest stock firmware according to your device country.

Make sure:- Make sure you have to download the latest stock flash file from there.

Method 1: Bypass Google Account Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus

  • Once downloaded all files.
  • Copy all the files to your desktop screen.
  • Then extract the downloaded Samsung Galaxy A6+ Combination File to your PC.
  • After that, extract the Odin Flasher tool.
  • Then on your device.
  • Put your Device in “Download Mode”.


Put Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus in Bootloader Mode

  • Power off your device by long pressing the power key on your device.
  • Press and Hold (Volume Up+Power) key, until your device boots up to the “Android” logo screen.
  • After that, wait some time then “recovery mode” will come.
  • Then go down “Reboot to Bootloader” mode, by using the volume up and down key.
  • After that, select the “Reboot to Bootloader” mode by tapping the Power key.
  • Once done, then your device will reboot and go to bootloader mode.
  • Then connect your device to the PC.
  • Make sure to install the Samsung USB driver on your PC.
  • Then open the “Odin” tool.
  • Now you need to Flash Combination firmware to your Device.


Flash Combination Firmware Samsung Galaxy A6+

  • Open the Odin tool,
  • There you will see the “AP, CP, BL, CSC, USERDATA” tab.
  • Then click on the “AP” tab and give the file path of the extracted Combination firmware file.
  • Once files are added,
  • Check the “Odin” tool and you will see “ID: COM” turn to blue.
  • After that, press the “START” button on the Odin tool.
  • Then you will see a green color appear on the Odin tool.
  • That means your device will start flashing successfully.
  • Once flashing successfully. your device will automatically be booting to the factory menu.
  • Now you need to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.
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Now Unlock FRP Protection Samsung Galaxy A6+

  • Once your device successfully boots to the Factory Menu,
  • Then connect your Device again to PC.
  • Then download the “ADB FRP” tool.
  • Extract the “ADB FRP” tool to your computer.
  • After that, open the “ADB FRP” tool.
  • Now a “CMD” prompt will open.
  • Now press any key on the “CMD”.
  • Check your device, a popup will show tap “ok” from there.
  • Then close the “ADB FRP” tool and reopen the tool again.
  • Then press any to Unlock FRP on your device.
  • Done, Now we need to flash the Stock firmware to successfully  Bypass Google Account Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.
  • Congrats! Now you have successfully bypassed FRP Samsung Galaxy A6+, Now you have to flash stock ROM to power on your device.


Now flash Stock Firmware Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus

  • Now open the Odin tool again.
  • Extract the Samsung Galaxy A6+ Stock Firmware.
  • After that, open the Odin tool.
  • Then on the (AP,CP,CSC,BL,USERDATA) tab.
  • Then choose your device firmware on the Odin tool.


After that, you need to choose the Stock firmware file in the Odin flasher tool to successfully Bypass Google Account Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.

Note- You have to choose the right firmware file on the right tab. choose the “AP” file in the “AP” tab, “BL” file in the “BL” tab and then choose the “CSC” file in the “CSC” tab. Choose all the files from the “Stock Firmware” folder.

  • Now put your device again in Download Mode to successfully Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy A6+.
  • Power off your device by long pressing the power key on your device.
  • Then Press and Hold (Bixby+Volume Down+Power) key, until your device boots up to the  “Warning” screen.
  • After that, press the Volume Up to Confirm the Download mode.
  • After that, connect your device to the PC.
  • Then click the “Start” button on the Odin tool.
  • Then your device will flash.
  • Once done.
  • Disconnect your device to PC.
  • Then Power on your device.
  • Done, you have successfully Bypass Google Account Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.


Method 2: FRP Samsung A6 Plus Unlock without PC

  • First of all, Power on your device first,
  • Then connect your device to a working wifi connection.
  • Now tap on the Emergency Call option. (see image below)
  • Now you need to enter a PUK-enabled Sim card on your device.
  • Once you insert any pin to enable the sim card, then wait for 20 sec. or check the down back (arrow) key to change left to right.
  • Otherwise, this method will not work.
  • Now press the power key once to lock your phone,
  • Then again press the power key to wake-up your phone.
  • Ok, then tap on the arrow back key once to bring up the lock screen menu.
  • Now check the clock widget below and you will see the lock screen icon.
  • Then tap on the lock icon,
  • You will see a Notification settings option available in the notification bar.
  • Now tap on the Notification settings option.
  • Then you see the google play store option on your device screen.
  • Make sure: Follow the same process fully, otherwise, it will not work with the Samsung A6 Plus FRP Bypass.
  • Now you will be redirected to the Notification Settings page.
  • Then click on the See All button, below the Google Play Store option.
  • After that, tap on the Most recent and select All options from there.
  • Now Go down and select Youtube applications from there,
  • Then tap on the In-App Notification Settings.
  • Now tap on History & Privacy.
  • Tap on the Youtube Terms of Service.
  • Tap on “Accept & Continue” options.
  • Then tap on the search bar and search for”“.
  • Now download the FRP Bypass apk 2020.
  • Once downloaded, tap on the 3 dots and then go to the “Downloads’ ‘.
  • Now install the FRP bypass apk 2020 from there, by tapping on the install button.
  • Once the installation is finished, then tap on the Open button.
  • Then tap on the Google Account Manager button and then install the Google Account Manager 6 from there.
  • Once the installation is finished, then tap on the Done button to go back to FRP Bypass apk.
  • Now tap on the Bypass FRP button and then select the Browser Sign-In option from there.
  • Then tap on the top right corner and choose Browser Sign-In options.
  • Now sign in with your working Google Account there.
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Wrapping Up:

In this post we share the best working method to Samsung A6 Plus FRP Unlock | Bypass GMAIL Account Android 9 Pie. I hope we will clear your problem to choose the right frp tools if you are looking for how to bypass google account verification lock from Samsung devices.

I think all of you found the article useful. If you are still stuck in some steps or could not understand anything relating to this topic, you can let us know in the comment section below. We will help you as soon as possible. if you have any queries or suggestions or want us to write something.



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