Horn of Africa Emergency Appeal

  Severe drought has forced millions of people across the Horn of Africa to the brink of starvation. Your support is urgently needed. The global climate crisis means that countries in the Horn of Africa region are experiencing their worst drought in four decades. A fourth consecutive failed rainy season means that some parts of … Read more

Principles of Science-Led Self-Care

Taking more control over your own personal health sounds easy, but the reality can be much more complex. Standing in front of a store aisle with dozens of products. Trying to sift through endless information on the internet. Making sense of anecdotal stories from friends, family and people on social media. How is the average … Read more

Strengthening the Financial Resilience of Refugees

Displaced people who manage to find a job or start a business can and do contribute to local economies. But displaced people often struggle with financial exclusion, and have limited access to banking, loans, and other financial services. Access to loans, savings, and insurance is vital to help displaced people become more financially resilient and … Read more

The Refugee Investment Fund

The Refugee Investment Fund (RIF) aims to enable displaced people to become self-reliant and to lead dignified lives. Why invest? Investments will enable business growth in support of more job creation and better access to relevant services or products. This will improve the financial inclusion of refugees and host communities, allowing them to sustain themselves and … Read more

Exclusive: How a new IT system jumbled Danish Refugee Council’s finances

By Sara Jerving It was the largest single investment in the Danish Refugee Council’s history. The humanitarian organization launched a new enterprise resource planning system — software to serve as the backbone of its operations. But things went horribly wrong.   The organization, which is Denmark’s largest international NGO, said before its launch that it hoped this new system “paves … Read more

“I Don’t Want to Change Myself”

Anti-LGBT Conversion Practices, Discrimination, and Violence in Malaysia Summary In February 2021, Nur Sajat, a cosmetics entrepreneur, failed to appear in court in the western Malaysian state of Selangor to answer to criminal charges for “insulting Islam” based on her attire. Malaysia’s religious enforcement officials sprang into action. Selangor’s religious department issued a warrant for … Read more

“It Was Really Hard to Protect Myself”

Impact of the Armed Conflict in Syria on Children with Disabilities Easy-to-read English FINAL Summary Many times, I refused to leave the house to try to escape; it was just too difficult for me to run with crutches. It would take several people to help me get into the car, which would make them an … Read more