Customer Service Representative At

Customer Service Representative At
South Africa Remote.

Thank you for reading this post, don't forget to share! is seeking freelancers to join our team as Human Answering Service providers for businesses worldwide. With a range of tasks and services offered in various languages and fields, our freelancers are able to work 24/7 from anywhere, with complete freedom in terms of location and working hours.


Customer Service Representative At

Ideal candidates should have fluency in a language, possess excellent customer service skills, be tolerant and respectful, and be able to work in a quiet environment free from distractions.

To work on our platform, all you need is a smartphone, headphones, and a stable internet connection. Simply register on our website, download the app, complete the training, and wait for your account to be activated.


Payment for your work is calculated based on the duration of calls and can be withdrawn through the app to either a personal bank account or PayPal account. The reward for each call will be credited to your wallet in the app, allowing you to withdraw your balance at any time.



Build your dream team of service pros.

Personalize everything about your service team in incredible detail, to make sure it perfectly fits your business, from the service pros’ education, to their exact location, accent and experience. You can even build and use your own screening tests, right within the platform.


Match every customer with the best person to help.

Using advanced technology create the perfect match between a customer and a service pro, making sure the most suitable one picks up the phone. Our AI also monitors every call automatically for quality, making sure the level of service never goes below incredible.


Provide the most relevant info to solve the problem

Equip every service pro with the most specific, timely info to solve the issue, including full purchase history and activity – all through APIs. Then service pros can use that info to provide truly personalized offers that skyrocket upsells.