De Beers Group Bursaries in South Africa

De Beers Group Bursaries in South Africa

While you are living in around South Africa, you as the students should not miss any kind of bursary chances which are provided for you. There are many bursaries you can take based on what you like start from the technology one until the medical one. You can pick some of the best bursaries which have the relation to the major you have studied at. For this problem, you should know that the bursary is given for the one who get the best result of academic but they have no enough money to pay the tuition fees. If you are such person like that, you can try to apply the bursary based on the qualifications you should have.

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Every bursary has its own different qualifications you should know before taking it. Why? It is because if you don’t require all of their qualifications well, you will not get accepted because they will ignore your application if you don’t require what they need. Thus, before applying the bursary, you should ensure you have required the entire requirements that they ask to you. If you are the one who studies in University or Institute of Technology even you are in the 1, 2 or 3 grade, you are freely to apply the De Beers bursary well. This bursary is suitable for you who studies in these following fields: Engineering Geology to specialize in Geotechnical Engineering or Rock Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, Mine Survey, Mining Engineering with specialization of Mine Planning, Mine Ventilation, and Rock Engineering. Those are the fields which can apply this bursary as well.

You also should know that there are some requirements you should have for getting this bursary. You should require that: you should have Matric certificate in grade 12 or Umalusi; you should have the minimum of APS pass rate of 5 for Science and Mathematics; If you have N3 in Science and Mathematics will be considered; and the last is you are the un-bonded students. If you have those requirements, you can try to apply this bursary as well. There is also some additional information related to this bursary. Your preference will be given to the students from Liimpopo Province of Alldays, Blouberg and Musina or will be given to the HDSA students. You should pay by yourself for your own registration. You also should know that if you are accepted to this bursary, the group will renewable annually but it is depending on your academic performance. If your academic performance is giving the satisfaction to the group, you will get the bursary also for the next year, but if your academic performance is getting lower, you should be ready to don’t get the bursary in the next year. Thus, you need to ensure you study with your best to ensure you can get this bursary until you have graduated from the university itself.

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If you are interesting to apply this bursary, you should know that there are some documents you should send to the email of this group. You should send your CV, copy of Municipal Account or proof of your place of birth, Matric certificate, complete and also up to date your academic record. If you have sent it and you have no response from them after 2 months later, it means your application is not accepted. If you are accepted, they can contact you to complete more documents and you can get this bursary as well.