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                                                   TERMS OF REFERENCE (ToR)


GNTZ is an International Humanitarian Development Non-Governmental Organization Registered in Tanzania with a General Consultative Status from the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC). Its primary objective is to provide humanitarian assistance and emergency relief activities throughout the globe in need of helping hand for the primary cause of making the world a better place without hunger, where people live together in harmony. Good Neighbors was founded for the first time in 1991 in Seoul, South Korea where it is currently headquartered.


The objective of the TOR

The objective of this TOR is to find a Consultant firm who can develop, implement and host a website for Good Neighbors Tanzania, also website search optimization, mobile device web responsiveness as well as website maintenance as part of the work.

Scope of work

The Consultant firm will work closely with the IT, Procurement and Management Team in a phased approach ensuring that in all stages there is a sign off and acceptance by all parties.

The qualified company is expected to undertake the following activities:

  • To develop a dynamic website
  • To host a website including provision of enough storage for some of organization videos uploads
  • Do search engine optimization for the website so that it is easily accessed on top of search results when searched over the internet.
  • Do website maintenance and ensure website development is developed and implemented while adhering security protocols
  • Website mobile responsive design, a website that should be responsive to a mobile phone while accessed.
  • Social sharing option, a website should include a button linked to the organization’s social media sites.


Duration of Assignment

The assignment is estimated to take 2 months which include development, testing and implementation.

The qualified consultant firm is expected to start immediately after the signing of the contract.

Support and Maintenance

  • Suppliers should describe the support offerings available for the website implementation. In addition, they should provide a copy and a description of all warranties associated with the proposed solution.
  • Software updates for improvements and enhancement will be provided by the supplier as part of the warranty which begins after user acceptance in year one, and as part of the price for maintenance.



  • An Initiation Report:

The initiation report should be prepared by the Consultant prior to initiating the work.

The initiation report will detail the proposed methods, requisition of data and other procedures. It will also include a schedule of tasks, activities and deliverables.


  • The supplier will deliver a draft report within the indicative assignment time frame.


  • The supplier will deliver a final report to GNTZ within the agreed timeline with details of implementation according to agreement with GNTZ.

Experience Requirements

  • The Consultant firm must submit references from previous clients being contracts for at least 3 organizations or institutions.
  • The Consultant firm shall provide separate references for each project.

Application Process

The Consultant Firm should submit a sealed proposal marked as “DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF WEBSITE TO GOOD NEIGHBORS TANZANIA”.

The proposal should include the following content,

  • Company Profile and Certificates (Business License, TIN and VRN certificate, Certificate of Registration or Incorporation and Tax clearance certificate).
  • Past work experience (Attach contract for at least 3 experiences from different clients in the same work).
  • Consultant firm should submit a detailed work plan and timeline as part of their proposal, which will include an explanation of how the consultant work will be done.
  • The proposed budget includes fees related to this work.

Submission of proposal

  1. The completed sealed proposal must be delivered at Good Neighbors Tanzania (Dar es Salaam) on or before 04:00PM, 17th March 2022.
  2. After the deadline for submission, the Proposal will be evaluated and successful applicants will be invited for presentation and the organization will select qualified consultants for implementing the work.

For any inquiry please contact [email protected] cc: [email protected]

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