EAC Scholarship Programme Two-Year Funded Masters’ Opportunity For Academic Year 2021/2022 (COHORT 3)


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The General Public is hereby informed that the EAC Scholarship programme is now open for suitably qualified and interested nationals from the East African Community to apply for cohort 3 of the KfW – funded Scholarships, to pursue Master’s studies in an EAC Partner State other than their own.[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1252″ title=”In- Article Ads”]

Opening date: 27th August, 2021

Closing date: 17th September, 2021 not later than 17:00hrs East African Time.

Eligible applicants: Young nationals of EAC Partner states (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda)

Duration of the Scholarship: 2 years



The minimum requirements for qualification into the Programme are:

  1. Be a national of a partner state of the East African Community;
  2. Be below 35 years of age at the time of application;
  3. Possess at least an equivalent of Upper Second-Class Honours or “Distinction” as applicable;
  4. Have obtained admission from a university in another country of the EAC Region other than their
  5. Submit a well written motivation letter in English (with not more than 500 words) elaborating on the following :
    • Demonstrates a convincing motivation for wanting to pursue the Master’s Programme
    • Adequately demonstrates the applicant’s foreseen professional engagement in EAC Integration agenda after completing the Master’s Programme.
    • Demonstrates how they expect to apply the acquired skills and knowledge from the Master’s Programme to contribute to the EAC Integration
    • Personal, professional and academic vision in the next 5 to 10 years

Note: This has to be one typed letter for each programme and converted to PDF.



Up to 63 scholarships are available in the 2021/2022 academic year. The scholarship covers the following:

  1. Return economy air ticket between the candidate’s home and host country;
  2. University tuition fees: payable directly to the university against official invoice;
  3. Stipend: EUR 380 per month to support living expenses including housing, food, utilities, local transportation and settlement expenses;
  4. Allowances for study materials and research: EUR 1,500 one-off  allowance;
  5. Medical insurance; and
  6. Extracurricular events: at least one event per
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  1. A letter of motivation for applying for the scholarship (see the structure of the letter in Section 2 (e) above);[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1252″ title=”In- Article Ads”]
  2. A signed curriculum vitae;
  3. Certified copies of all university degree certificates and transcripts;
  4. A copy of the university Application Form and its attachments;
  5. A recent passport photograph in colour of your full head and upper shoulders;
  6. Evidence of Nationality of a Partner State in the East African Community such as copy of National Identity card/ passport/birth certificate; and
  7. Any other form of evidence required in the application form e.g. medical reports, photos and letters of reference.

Note: (i)      Applicants with academic qualifications obtained from foreign institutions must be equated by the National Council/ Commission for                      Higher Education in their respective countries.

(ii)     Applicants with supporting documents in languages other than English are required to submit both the original and copies                                      translated to English a language by an accredited language translation provider.



The application process is two-fold and each must be completed separately.

  1. Application for admission to the university:

Step 1: Identify the programme and University of your choice (see appendix that contains Eligible Programmes);

Step 2: Fill the application form for admission to the university of choice (this can be found on the university website). Ensure you pay the University application fee.

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Step 3: Submit the completed university application form and its supporting documents to the university indicating that you intend to apply for the EAC Scholarship Programme.

Notes: (a) Candidates may apply to more than one University.

(b) Candidates may apply for more than one programme; however, each programme should have its own application form and                                    attachments.

  1. Application for the EAC Scholarship:

Step 4: Register online for the EAC scholarship at:


Step 5: Download the scholarship application form from the IUCEA

website: www.iucea.org under Scholarships and fill it.

Step 6: Submit the filled application form in step 5 and supporting

documents in pdf format as one zipped folder electronically to:

[email protected] and

[email protected] indicating in the subject


UNIVERSITY e.g. Timothy Moyo, MBA at Kayombogo University.


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Issued by

Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,
Government City,
Mtumba Area,
Afya Street,
University of Dodoma,
P. O. Box. 10,
40479 DODOMA.




Applicants will apply to pursue their studies in the following programmes. Please apply for a programme in a university outside your country of origin.

S/N Programmes Thematic Area University Country
   1. Master of Science in Advanced Manufacturing    and  Automation Engineering Engineering Dedan Kimathi University of Technology 


   2. Master of Science in Leather Technology Technology
   3. Master of Science in Food Science & Technology Technology
   4. Master of Science in Geothermal Energy    Technology Technology
   5. Master of Science in Physics Science Kenyatta University
   6. Master of Science in Biotechnology Science
   7. Master of Science in Crop Protection (Plant        Pathology) Science
   8. Master of Science in Integrated Soil Fertility    Management Science
   9. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics Mathematics
 10. Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Business Science
 11. Master of Business Administration with I.T Business Science Kibabii University
 12. Master of Science in Human Resource Management Business Science
 13. Master of Business Administration Business Science
 14. Master of Science in ICT Informatics
 15. Master of Science in Meteorology Science University of Nairobi
 16. Master of Art in Microfinance Business Science INES-Ruhengeri Rwanda
 17. Master of Science in Taxation Business Science
 18. Master of Science in Conservation and Natural  Resources Management Science Kyambogo University Uganda
 19. Master of Science in Physics Science
 20. Master of Public Infrastructures Management Business Science Makerere University
 21. Master of Science in Zoology, Entomology and      Fisheries Science Science
 22. Master of Science in Statistics Business Science
 23. Master of Science in Technology, Innovation and Industrial Development Technology
 24. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Engineering
 25. Master of Science in Quantitative Economics Business Science
 26. Master of Science in Biology Science Mbarara University of Science & Technology
 27. Master of Science in Chemistry Science
 28. Master of Science in Medical Lab science Science
 29. Master of Business Management Business Science Moshi Co-operative University Tanzania
 30. Master of Arts in Cooperative and Community Development Business Science
 31. Master of Arts in Procurement and Supply Management Business Science
 32. Master of Science in Irrigation Engineering and  Management Engineering Sokoine University of Agriculture
 33. Master of Science in Information Technology Informatics University of Dodoma
 34. Master of Science in Mathematics Mathematics
 35. Master of Science in Chemistry Science
 36. Master of Science in Petroleum Geo- Sciences Science

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