Easy Ways to Get Extra Money from the Internet for Beginners

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The world has changed; almost 80% of human activities aren’t spared from information technology, especially the internet. What’s more, electronic devices such as mobile phones are not as expensive as before, and internet speed is also overgrowing. This is an opportunity for us to compete to get extra money from the internet. As a beginner, you certainly suggest how the internet can make money for us. So this time I will review how to make money from the internet for beginners which is easy and profitable.

Supporting Devices for Making Money from the Internet

To make money from the internet certainly needs capital. Money won’t come if you just sleep and just keep quiet. All need capital and effort.

Make sure you have the following things and devices:

Supporting hardware

You can use a smartphone, laptop, PC to access the internet as well as a device to work.

Stable Internet Access
Make sure your area has a stable internet connection. Look for the best ISP services in your city.

Email and Social Media
My advice, don’t use personal email to do your business activities. Why? cyberspace is fairly hard, don’t involve personal matters for public consumption.

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Social media is very important to expand the network of friendship and information. Besides using social media such as Instagram, Youtube, the Live Streaming Application can generate quite a lot of money.

At least 3 devices above you already have. The next step is a list of ways to get money from the internet for beginners

Some ways to get money from the internet for beginners
I say once again, making money from the internet requires capital, effort, and luck. Many business opportunities from the internet that we can try. Choose the one that best suits your character.

Like I did, make quality articles and post. Creating a blog can bring in money by displaying advertisements from advertisers like Adsense. Don’t make blogs and articles carelessly.

The best way is to make a blog according to your hobby. Why? if you make a blog, carelessly have some disadvantages, among others, not the material that you master, so lower the enthusiasm in writing

Determine the type of blog that you will manage, for example, technology, recipes, lifestyle, or health. Then you can create a blog and write SEO friendly posts to enter the first page of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Building a blog can be said to be easy and difficult. Not everyone succeeds in making money from blogs. Make it a hobby, don’t make it your main job if you haven’t mastered it.

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Micro-Tasking application
This method is quite easy, just armed with a smartphone by installing the application to get sharing rewards.

An example of the most famous application is WHAFF, you only need to install the application and run it according to instructions.

Some of the tasks that must be done usually are installing applications that are instructed, reading news and others.

If you have registered and logged in, you will be asked to do a number of easy tasks. Starting from installing applications, reading news, playing games and more. Complete the mission and get some money.

Paid Online Surveys
You can fill out an online paid survey to get a reward for some money that can be redeemed through your account. Some of these online survey services are clixsense, ViewFruit, Mobrog, SurveyOn.

Freelance Writer
If you have a hobby of writing, this is a good opportunity to make money. Many people who have blogs but are not good at writing / are lazy to write.

You can join BHW sites / join in similar forums to sell articles or become freelance writers there. If your article is good, the results of your writing can be highly valued.

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The expertise needed is you need to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and observe the latest trends.

What is currently booming is becoming a youtube vlogger. No kidding, successful vloggers can make more than $ 10,000 every month.

Being a vlogger requires creativity and uniqueness in producing a work of art. Join YouTube and make interesting content. Make content that is viral and boom, your youtube income will skyrocket.

Influencer social media
Instagram influencers are now one of the most sought after professions among young people.

Only armed with social media with interesting content, you can already get various benefits through endorsement and sponsorship from various parties.

The six ways above are the easiest to do by beginners. There are still many ways that we might do such as selling logos, selling websites, becoming dropshipping foreign goods, mining bitcoin. But this method may be intended for those who have experience in their field.


Many ways to get money from the internet for beginners, all that is needed is effort and enthusiasm to run an internet business. The most important thing is to channel your hobby to make money so that your time is not wasted.

Hopefully, this article how to earn money from internet for beginners above has been useful to you.

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