Electronic Diversity Visa Program The entry period for the DV-2024 Diversity Visa Program

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Electronic Diversity Visa Program The entry period for the DV-2024 Diversity Visa Program


Here in you will know all about Electronic Diversity Visa Program The entry period for the DV-2024 Diversity Visa Program. Are you qualified to apply now, What time is best set to apply for DV – 2024 program? What about this 2023? …. and many other questions will be answered here.

Diversity Visa Program



What is diversity visa program?

The Diversity Visa (DV) programwhich would offer 55,000 immigrant visas through an annual lottery beginning in fiscal year 1995, was established by the Immigration Act of 1990. 
The program enables individuals from nations with low rates of immigration to the United States to apply for visa to immigrate to the country.

Who is eligible for diversity visa?

certain number of immigrant visas are made yearly accessible through the DV Lottery, sometimes referred to as the Green Card Lottery, to those who meet certain qualifying requirements: 
You must be foreign national from nation with low rate of immigration to the US.

Is Diversity Visa same as green card?

YES, the  Diversity Immigrant Visa program, also known as the green card lottery, is a United States government lottery program for receiving a United States a United States Permanent Resident Card. The Immigration Act of 1990 established the current and permanent Diversity Visa (DV) program.



How to apply for Diversity Visa Lottery 2023?

Follow the following steps:


Diversity Visa Program

Submit an Entry

Each fiscal year, there is a set window of time during which you can apply for the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program. The Department of State releases comprehensive guidelines for enrolling in the DV Program every year. The dates of the registration period, during which you may enter, are included in these instructions.

During the designated registration period, all entries must be submitted online using the Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website. Late submissions and paper submissions are not accepted. According to the law, each person is only permitted one admission during each registration time. To identify multiple submissions, the Department of State employs advanced technology. You will be eliminated if you submit multiple entries. The program website does not become active for submitting an entry until the date and time specified on the DV Instructions webpage.

The DV Instructions contain comprehensive instructions for filling out the online entry form.


You will get a confirmation screen with your name and a special confirmation number after submitting a complete entry. For your records, print out this confirmation screen. It is crucial that you keep track of your confirmation number. If you are chosen, you will need it to schedule a visa interview and to get additional instructions. It is also the only means to check the status of your entrance.

Registration for the DV Program is free of charge. You are strongly advised to fill out the admission form on your own without assistance from a “Visa Consultant,” “Visa Agent,” or other facilitator. When your entry is prepared, even if someone else assists you, you should be there so that you can supply the accurate responses.




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