Elon Musk Admits YouTube Is Becoming A Non-Stop Ad Scam

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Elon Musk Admits YouTube Is Becoming A Non-Stop Ad Scam

Elon Musk Admits YouTube Is Becoming A Non-Stop Ad Scam

We consume a lot of video content from YouTube, and there are good reasons for that. The platform has been marketed very well, and other than it being part of the Google/Android ecosystem, it just works and can be accessed from different operating systems. Besides, it is a haven for video creators who keep posting their content there.

But where does it fail?

Well, YouTube has had an ad problem. We get it – creators have to get paid, and their promotional content has to be aired for them to get some revenue. At the same time, YouTube has to make revenues too to sustain itself and to remain profitable to Alphabet, but it has sure gone overboard in that regard. The entire case boils down to ads because they generate a substantial amount of revenue for creators and the platform as a whole. The big issue here so far is that YouTube has gone past the extra mile in terms of how ads should be handled on the platform. They have become too much, and thusly, a nuisance to consumers. It doesn’t make sense why you shouldn’t skip through some ads. Worse, the platform can even force you to endure two ads that you can’t skip.

These are some of the issues that have forced some users to consider alternative solutions.

There are three primary options to get rid of the said issues:

  • Install an ad blocker/YouTube Ad Blocker/browser extension on your PC.
  • Install alternative YouTube apps for your Android/Google TV.
  • Install alternative YouTube apps on your Android device (such as YouTube Vanced) to just avoid the ads. And get more features. However, this may not work soon because Vanced has since been ordered to stop running its project by, you guessed who, YouTube.

These concerns are commonplace and have today been reiterated by Elon Musk, the Tesla and Space X CEO. He also has plans to buy Twitter – but that transaction is undergoing some form of controversy because Twitter has not really been upfront about the number of bot accounts on its platform, which, according to Musk, must be deleted.


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