Communications can be by language or through designing. All that is needed is the interest, art and craft to be of a Professional in ‘Graphic Designing’. Note that graphic designing provides tools for the skilled to create new ideas for visual communication. 


Graphic designing history goes back to human existence. Now it is everywhere. Some creativity together with skills can benefit in the craft for visual communication. It is thanks to graphic Designing that professionals can use it as a tool to carry out conversations via visuals.


What is the job description of a graphic designer?


A graphic designer does many jobs daily. They get asked to write for numerous platforms such as labels, magazines, business hoarding or different signage. It is a designer who handles client’s proposal and checks the requirements, as well as their budget to understand their needs and so on. They develop diverse understanding and layout for the company or client pages. Their job focus on enhancing viewer’s experience. They curate content on a page as well and place such content carefully where it should be.

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Graphic designing can be used as:

1.      A passion for Art

2.      Course for Education 

3.      Emerging Profession

4.      It is evolving broadly as a near-future profession with intense technology.




Almost every field uses graphics today. All the visuals we see daily are the work of graphic designers.



The movie industry uses graphics for visual representation. This includes logo as well.


Visualization of content captivates students more.


Demonstration of work by way of presentations is result of graphic designing.



Graphs, log tables, pie chart, etc. are all works of graphic designing, having a major role in sales and marketing.


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Besides, symbols, road signals, advertisement boards, visual signs for communication that we see daily are the result of craft for visual communication.


Expertise required


A craft for visual communication includes various skills which can be both built-in and acquired via appropriate knowledge and practice. 


Some of the needed skills for designing include: 


·         Being well- versed in Typography 

·         Being able to design, modify and arrange type glyphs.


 Creative Page Layout

Page layout has to be clean and unique to one designer only.


 Interactive Print Making

The artwork can be printed on paper, surfaces etc. making multiples of same design.

 Impressive Strategy

Effective designing strategy is an essential to differ graphic designing from art.

Apart from these skills, graphic designing needs observation, judgement, analysis, and creativity. 




Graphic designing requires several tools for a complete presentation of visuals, making the communication interactive. One needs digital tools for creative designing. 

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Some tools that play a major role in graphic designing include:


Graphic tools such as scissors, pen, grid.

Digital image editing tools on computer.

Latest software for designing and computer hardware.

These skills along with tools result in an interesting craft for visual communication. 


Graphic designing is applied in almost all fields so it should be encouraged as a subject in academics too. Since the scope of graphics is growing, a basic knowledge of it should be compulsory for all students. This will help them develop the right skills and improve their analytical thinking. Additionally, it will help the students to each identify their interests. 



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