Horn of Africa Emergency Appeal


Severe drought has forced millions of people across the Horn of Africa to the brink of starvation. Your support is urgently needed.

The global climate crisis means that countries in the Horn of Africa region are experiencing their worst drought in four decades.

A fourth consecutive failed rainy season means that some parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia have had no rainfall since 2019.

This severe drought has led to widespread livestock deaths, acute food insecurity and a very real risk of famine in some places.

It is estimated that a person is dying of hunger every 48 seconds across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

Small children are going for days without food. They need your help to survive.

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Amina Abdulla, Concern Worldwide’s regional director for Horn of Africa, explains the gravity of the situation.

I have worked for Concern in the Horn of Africa region for 11 years. I have never seen so much hunger here. For families struggling to feed their children today in parts of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, there is not a moment to lose. The response is already six months too slow. We must act now.

Amina Abdulla – Regional Director, Concern Worldwide

Concern’s response

We are currently:

  • Treating tens of thousands of children and adults suffering from severe malnutrition and other illnesses
  • Supporting health clinics to deliver nutrition assistance
  • Providing emergency cash transfers to affected communities so they can buy nutritious food to feed their families and other essential items
  • Providing emergency water to areas most in need and improving access to adequate and safe water
  • Repairing broken boreholes and shallow wells
  • Vaccinating livestock against diseases in an attempt to keep them alive during the drought
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Please help us to continue our life-saving work.



Help those affected by severe drought in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia

  • More than 16 million people in these 3 countries are on the brink of starvation. This figure will rise to 20 million by September if we do not act.
  • 5.7 million children are facing starvation – that’s more than the entire population of Ireland.
  • 350,000 children in Somalia alone are at risk of dying if we do not act.
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