How can I get my Blogger url?

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To know your Blogger url, You  need a gmail account. 
Use your Gmail to create a blog account. We will be answering the question on knowing what this Blogspot’s url is.
Follow THIS STEPS to creat your blogger site. 
As seen, you will sign into your Gmail account in your browser, then type in Click on enter then 
Click on “Create your blog” and 
Fill the display name.
Click on “Create New Blog” button.
 Fill out the required details i.e. Title & Address (URL key). Tip: Use targeted keywords in the URL and title to optimize the same for SEO.
Select the theme and click on “Create Blog” button. That’s it.
So simple steps in create a blog
Sign in to Blogger
On the left, click the Down arrow .
Click New blog.
Enter a name for your blog.
Click Next.
Choose a blog address or URL.
Click Save.
On dashboard click on view my blog. It is at bottom left of the dashboard. The default url in your browser search window is your blogger url. 
And that is it.
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