How Do I Enter Source Code 4251 on SARS Efilling?

 How Do I Enter Source Code 4251 on SARS Efilling?,How to Fill In Source Code 4251 on SARS Efilling?,Where do I fill in source code 4251? | TaxTim SA

How Do I Enter Source Code 4251 on SARS Efilling?

How Do I Enter Source Code 4251 on SARS Efilling?


Employers are required by law to send the employee’s IRP5 to SARS along with their information for tax purposes. The South African Revenue Service accepts individual taxpayers’ income tax returns (ITR12) via electronic filing (SARS).

SARS computes your income tax and other tax-deductible expenses for a specific assessment year, which runs from March 1 through February 28/29, when you submit your income tax return.

For your tax return, you must complete the pertinent tax certificates that apply to your products. For each distinct sort of tax, SARS employs a different set of codes. Learn how to complete source code 4251 on SARS eFiling by reading on.



Which SARS Code Is 4251?

You must report to SARS for reconciliation any gains or losses you had during the year of assessment when you made money from selling various products. Your tax repercussions are based on the transactions you handle. Use the code 4251 if you lose money after selling your investment component.

The amount of your tax for that assessment period must be calculated, and the total proceeds from a transaction must be submitted to SARS without any modifications. As a taxpayer, you are required to use the proper codes and report to SARS every transaction you make.

How to Complete Source Code 4251 on a SARS E-Form

You must enter code 4251 in the capital gains/losses section of your tax return. You can enter losses on sales of various components in the field when you connect into your eFiling account and visit the tax return area. Check the SARS Source Code Booklet on its website,, before filling out this section.

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The code that applies in relation to a loss is 4251. Make certain to fill out all required fields on the tax return. Your return will be returned back if it is not complete, which could result in fines for submitting it after the deadline.

When completing your return on SARS eFiling, be sure to complete out the essential fields below.

  • Signature: Your tax return is a legally enforceable document that requires your signature because it contains information regarding taxable income accrued or received at the trust.
  • The assessment year should be entered.
  • Tax identification number for the relevant trust
  • bank information
  • the trust’s specifics (name, trust type, address, contact details)
  • Financial information pertaining to income (fill in the field with a zero and the correct source code if the trust did not receive any revenue.
  • Date of the trust’s registration
  • Statement of Assets and Liabilities

The password you are given at registration serves as your digital signature when you file your return via eFiling. All incomplete tax forms will be given back to the taxpayer. To prevent fines, interests, or even punishment when you supply misleading information, keep in mind that the information you provide must be truthful. If you need help, you can contact SARS or go to their local office.

What Do SARS Source Codes Mean?

SARS collects pertinent data on an income tax return using a four-digit code known as the source code. On your tax return, the source code is shown next to the amount it refers to.

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To make it simpler to identify and handle taxes owed by the taxpayer, all items on the ITP5/IT3 (a) certificates must be recorded under source codes. To ensure you input the proper information for each entry you make on your return, check the SARS website.


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What is Source Code 3605 in SARS

For one-time goods, the SARS source code 3605 is employed. This includes yearly taxable income, such as bonuses, which are typically paid once a year. The source code 3605 on the tax return is also used for other yearly payments.

How Do I File a SARS Tax Withholding Claim?

Agents who withhold taxes could do so even though they don’t have the right information about their clients. The withholding agent must fill out the REV16 form in order to collect the tax withholding or refund.

Accordingly, the taxpayer may request a return from the withholding agent. Visit your closest SARS branch or contact the SARS Contact Center at 080000 7277 if you need help filling out this form.

If the payment hasn’t been made, the withholding agent can only submit a revised return to cover the unpaid balance.

The withholding agent may request a reimbursement from SARS in the event of an overpayment. The withholding agent may also request that SARS apply the excess payment to another tax or pay off a debt.

The taxpayer must request that the withholding agent fill out the claim for refund out of revenue (REV16) form in order to request a refund. If you use an agent to take care of your tax obligations, they have the right to apply for a refund from SARS on your behalf. The following documentation may need to be brought by the agent to the SARS branch for processing your refund.

  • Letter from the taxpayer or their representative detailing the request in full, along with the next steps.
    evidence of payment (bank statement or original receipt)
  • If a tax professional or agent is handling the matter,
  • power of attorney is required.
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After processing the reimbursement, SARS will manually release it. It is deposited into the bank account, which serves as the payment’s origin. A tax refund can only be processed when a new account has been submitted if the banking information has changed. As a result, the withholding agent must maintain all paperwork related to the amended statement.

Each entry in a tax return that is submitted to SARS needs to be accompanied by a source code. The sorts of taxes paid to SARS are distinguished using these codes. The Source Code Booklet is available on the SARS website if you have enrolled for eFiling. Make sure your tax return has the right information on it to avoid late submissions that could result in fines or interest.