How to Allow People to Post on Your Blogspot

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Today i will show you How to Allow People to Post on Your Blogspot.  This is a guest posting after setting up your blogspot..
 Guest posting is a common practice among bloggers on Google’s Blogspot platform. It involves writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog with a reference link to your own website. This is an effective way to increase your blog’s domain authority, Reputation, referral traffic and traffic.
How will guest blogging benefit those involved?

Key Benefits of Guest Posting
  • Boost Rankings and Brand Awareness
  •  Improve Your Writing Skills
  •  Establish Authority
  • Shorten  Sales Cycle
  • Set Up Tracking with Google Analytics
When a post is well made such that it offers a unique Insight on its topic, very rich Content with actionable takeaways and SEO-Friendly we are sure for a rapid growth/
Now you know the benefits you get from a guest post, But how do we set the host Blogspot dashboard so as to bring in the guest authors. See how to do so in the following steps.
Setup 1 – Log in to your Blogger account. 
Step 2 – Go “Settings” link in the control panel. Scroll down to select the “Permissions” option from the menu below.
Step 3 – Click the “Invite more authors” button in the Blog Authors section. A blank text field comes up.
Step 4 – Enter the email addresses of the person you want to write and make a guest post on your blog. If in case they are many you are inviting, then separate each email address with a comma. Then click “Invite” when done.

Step 5 –    Each of the invited authors will have to go to their email and accept the author invitation sent. Immediately they do so, they are added by bloggers so they can author posts on your blog. Any subsequent post written by any author will have his name written as the author of the post. We inform you that we will write another report on How You Can Change Author Name On Your Blogspot
Step 6 – Scroll down to the orange bottom of the page and click on “Save settings