How To Apply Tanzania Passport Online

 How To Apply Tanzania Passport Online

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How To Apply Tanzania Passport Online

Tanzania is currently using the New Passport, Passport. These new Passport Documents are more modern known as Electronic Passport.

This information will help you to know what to do if you are applying for a Passport for the first time, that is, you have never owned a Passport

What to Do If You want to Request Passport or Your Passport is still the old one to be able to get this modern Electronic Passport Passport

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 How To Apply Tanzania Passport Online
The Tanzanian passport


How To Apply Tanzania Passport Online

The Tanzanian passport is issued to citizens of The United Republic of Tanzania for international travel. The Immigration Department is responsible for the issuance of Passports. This Department falls under the Tanzanian Ministry of Home Affairs. This passport is issued only to citizens of Tanzania

The Immigration Services Department is established under Section 4(1) of the Immigration Act of 1995 Chapter 54 as amended by Act No.8 of 2015.  It gives the Department the authority to control and facilitate immigration issues in the United Republic of Tanzania. The Department is one of the security organs under Ministry of Home Affairs.

To become an efficient and effective Institution, which provides high quality Immigration services that meet both national and international standards.

To facilitate and control movements of persons through implementation of relevant Laws and Regulations in order to safeguard national security and economic interests.

Tanzania Passport Online Application Requirements

  1. Applicant’s Birth Certificate
  2. Applicant’s parents’ Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate
  3. National ID
  4. Applicant’s recent photo with light blue Background
  5. Form fee 20,000 Tsh
  6. Proof of Travel or Proof of Activity Applicant.


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How Fill Tanzania Passport Online Application Form

  1. Click Start to fill out the form, for a New Request
  2. Click Continue to continue the Request that did not expire You will be required to fill out your Reference ID with your Application Number of particular Application Number.
  3.  Complete your correct information in full
  4.  Save your Application ID for future use.
  5.  Fill in an old passport (if you ever had a passport)
  6.  Fill in the Sponsor & Personnel Information that you would like to be given information if you face any problem
  7.  Attach all required illustrations (subject to instructions)
  8.  Review all your Information and then click to agree to it if they are correct
  9.  Pay your form after being given a Control Number
  10.  The Request Status button of the Request lets you track the progress of your Request

How To Apply Tanzania Passport Online

How to Check the Status of a Visa Using a Passport Number

To verify the status of a visa application using the passport number, the following procedures must be taken by the applicant:

  • Visit the official visa website of the country of visit.
  • Find the option of tracking the visa application status.
  • Enter the acknowledgement number or passport number and the date of birth.
  • Following that, enter the captcha code and click ‘submit’.
  • The status of the visa application would be displayed in the following webpage.
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