How to Check ECZ Results Online for Grades 12, 9, 7, and GCE

How to Check ECZ Results for Grade 12, 9, 7 & GCE Online,Check ECZ Results for Grade 12, 9, 7 & GCE Online,ECZ Results for Grade 12, 9, 7 & GCE Online,ECZ Results 

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How to Check ECZ Results for Grade 12, 9, 7 & GCE Online

How to Check ECZ Results for Grade 12, 9, 7 & GCE Online

Find out what you need to know to verify ECZ findings. SMS and the Examinations Council of Zambia website allow students to take exams in all levels, from 7th to 9th to 12th to GCE.

The Government of Zambia established the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) as an examination board in 1983. Those are the responsibility of the Department of Education. The administration of tests and the issuance of diplomas are two of its key roles in the educational system.

A Zambian student takes three tests over the course of their education, beginning in grade one and ending in grade twelve. That’s in seventh grade, then ninth, and then twelfth.


After the Minister of Education made the official announcement of the exam results. Applicants can check their scores using the ECZ website or by sending an SMS message. It can also be done by retrieving the students’ Original Results Transcripts from the respective School/Centre.


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How to Check Grade 12 and GCE Results online

Any mobile phone can be used to verify the 2021 GCE, grade 12, grade 7, and grade 9 results in 5 easy steps:

Open the Message app on your phone in step #1.

Type the complete examination number in Step #2. (Leave Space)

Step #3. Year of the Exam Type (Leave Space)

Step #4: Select the appropriate examination grade (G7, G9, or G12).

Fifth step: Send to 8383


Time needed: 1 minute.

Examination results checking Guide.

  1. Open the message app on your phone

    In the message app, create a new SMS.

    Then enter 8383 in the ‘To’ field.

  2. Write ECZ results SMS

    Type your Full Examination Number (Leave Space).

    Type Examination Year (Leave Space).

    Then type Examination Grade (G7, G9 or G12).

    Note: the grade, G12 applies to GCE as well.

  3. Click Send

    Ensure that you are sending to 8383. And that you have at least K5 Airtime.

The ECZ results SMS Service is available on all the Mobile Networks in Zambia; that is MTN, ZAMTEL and AIRTEL. The SMS costs at least K5 for each successful transmission.

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