How to Check Your SARS Balance Online in South Africa

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How to Check Your SARS Balance Online in South Africa


Check Your SARS Balance Online


The government and its succeeding agencies, such as SARS, have attempted to adjust to these challenging economic times in part by putting an emphasis on online systems like eFiling, which are simpler and less expensive to run on an annual basis.

The limitations on in-person visits at some branches as they transition to electronic channels like eFiling and the MobiApp serve as evidence of this.

Four branches in significant metropolitan areas have also been permanently closed, with their functions shifting to the online eFiling platform.

This saves SARS and the government money that could be used elsewhere in the economy for rent and labor expenditures.

With instructions on how to check their SARS balance online, today’s post assists taxpayers in making the shift to mobile and online alternatives.


How can I get your SARS account balance online?

You can view your SARS balances using what is often known as a Statement of Account (ITSA).

Through the SARS web portal, registered users can view a Statement of Account, which provides verifiable records of their overall balance in relation to their tax accounts.

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Additionally, for a specific tax year, their transactional history with SARS.

The amount owing to you by SARS and the payment will both be shown on your ITSA if the revenue department owes you a refund.

Simply visit the SARS eFiling portal at to retrieve the account-related information in your Statement of Account.

Utilize your login information once you’ve logged into the eFiling system to access your personal account.

You can also follow the instructions on the homepage to register for the eFiling system if you haven’t already.

After logging into your personal account, choose “SARS Correspondence” from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

The Correspondence option should be followed by a dropdown menu if this is clicked. Choose “Request Historic IT Notice” from the menu.

This will then provide you access to your ITSA, giving you the choice to view a user-defined range of the statement’s information.

The statement will be fully retrieved for your viewing enjoyment once you select the “click here to view statement” option to finish the procedure.


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How can I find out the progress of my SARS refund?

As previously indicated, one’s Statement of Account (ITSA) can be utilized to check both the status of a refund and its anticipated payout date in addition to information on balances.

Simply visit the SARS eFiling website at to use the eFiling system and check the status of your SARS refund.

To obtain your Statement of Account, use the same procedures as above to check your balances online (ITSA).

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These actions include choosing the “SARS Correspondence” option from the menu on the left-hand side of the page for your account.

By selecting “Request Historic IT Notice,” you can access your ITSA through a drop-down menu.

After that, you’ll have access to your Statement of Account (ITSA). Any refund payment date from your ITSA can be shown on your “Income Tax Statement of Account.”

The “Electronic Refund” column on your ITSA should show the refund date next to it, and the “Transaction Value” column should show the associated refund amount.

This ought to provide you with a general idea of the sum that will be placed into your account.

If you are due a refund, it typically takes 2 to 3 days for the electronic transaction to complete and show up in your account.

The “Notice of Assessment” can be used to determine the payment date for a refund (ITA34).

A taxpayer viewing a dispensation should be able to see the due date for a reimbursement under “Details” on the ITA34.

Is my SARS tax certificate available online?

The eFiling system grants access to all legally recognized taxpayers who have registered and been approved to use it to most of their tax-related files, including their tax certificates.

Simply sign in to the eFiling site using a computer or other internet-connected device to access your tax certificate.

Once you’ve reached the portal’s home page, click on the “My Compliance Profile” option and then the “Tax Compliance Status” link that appears.

This will then give you the chance to select the type of TCS you want to access from a variety of possibilities.

SARS will send you a one-time PIN through SMS or email when you have finished the aforementioned processes, which you will use to access your certificates.

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How can I confirm my tax ID?

Through the many channels provided by the revenue services, SARS does give every taxpayer the chance to confirm their tax number.

Even when it’s lost or forgotten, there are several ways for a taxpayer to get their tax number.

These include calling SARS’ call center at 0800 00 7277 or directly emailing SARS at [email protected] with a question.

You can also use standard SARS offices to get information about your tax number.

However, it is recommended that you make a booking either over the phone or online before an in-person consultation in such circumstances.

Sending an SMS to 47277 is the quickest and least expensive way to inquire your tax number, although using this service is cost-free for all South Africans.

Simply text your TRN and ID number to the aforementioned number along with the request for your IT150 (Tax Registration Number).

How to Obtain the SARS Confirmation Letter