How to Escape Every Prison in BitLife

How to Escape Every Prison in BitLife


BitLife is a very popular life stimulation game where the player decides his role from birth to death. They have to choose an avatar and they can do whatever they want. You can also go to jail if you commit a crime. But if you go to prison, it will not be an easy task to get out of there. The world of Bitlife is at your fingertips with a device that offers it all. It is possible to become a famous YouTuber or even buy your own ranch in the game. You can also be locked up in jail if you decide to go the wrong way and commit crimes.

Bitlife has regular security prisons, as well as medium and maximum security prisons. And prison sentences are determined by the crime committed. But no one wants to spend time in one of these prisons.

Before going to jail you have to commit a crime. You can kill anyone or rob an ATM to go to jail. But if you escape from jail and get caught again, you will have a double sentence and it will be more difficult to escape from jail. So let us know how to escape from jail in BitLife.

So it’s only natural that you want to escape. However, jailbreaks are not easy. That’s why we gathered all the prison cards in Bitlife here to save you from some jail time.

Escape Every Prison In BitLife 2023

Well, Jailbreak is a very difficult task in BitLife that you have to pass. But every beginner is always recommended to move horizontally, because the police will not follow you if you move horizontally. If you have a wall that prevents him from seeing you or reacting to your incident, he can’t see you. This means that he can move freely to the right and to the left.

And for the agent to remove the block, he must first move horizontally. So, to escape from an agent, you should always try to block it with any obstacles.

There are different prison layouts in the game. And most of them are mirror images of each other. This means that you have to make some changes to get out. But if you can’t successfully escape, the game moves you forward a year and you get a second chance.

Escape Prison in BitLife – Jail Maps Layout

Let us know the card designs that will help you escape from jail in BitLife.

Prison Map Layout 3×4

ice screenshot 20220412 103713

Well this is the most accurate map in this game where you just have to corner a guard to trap him with an obstacle. Once you have done that, you are free to escape from jail easily, but make sure you don’t commit any more crimes or your sentence will be doubled.

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This prison escape map is a small 3×4 map. It is the simplest of cards. If this is your first time, consider yourself lucky. To escape this, you just need to place the trap in the only possible place to catch the guard.

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Prison Map 4×4

ice screenshot 20220412 103813

This is a grid based map where both the player and the guard move simultaneously. The guard will move horizontally if it finds your move. So you have to start from right to left until you reach the dead end and then keep going. Now just return your character to the dead end and get to your starting position. Then you will be at the starting point in no time.

This is probably the easiest level to reach. You eventually return to where you started. From there, go to the exit and escape.

Prison 4×4 Second Map

ice screenshot 20220412 103914

There is a start point and an end point on each map. Also, on each map there is a prisoner and a policeman. And the prisoner tries to escape. The guard moves in a fixed pattern. If you can catch it, you can win. So, to avoid getting caught by the guard, you have to be careful.

Always stay one step ahead of them. Once you reach the starting point, you win. This card requires you to take your character around a corner. So, to fool the guard and escape, go step by step to the starting point.

4×4 Third Map

To catch the guards on this map, you basically have to guide them all over the map. And even with the small size of this map, it doesn’t take long to catch the guard given the limited area. In other words, going back and forth doesn’t take any time.

Prison Map Layout 5×4

It is another easily accessible map where you do not have to catch the guard. You just have to go in the right direction and then go down one step to a dead end and then turn left and easily reach the exit point to escape.

This is a very easy card. You don’t have to catch the guards. Because it will limit itself. It is best to start moving to the right.

Prison Map Layout 5×5

In this map, the guard is right next to the exit point, so it won’t be an easy task to escape. The guard will also make two moves of your one move. So, you just need to get the guard’s attention by moving towards him, and then return to the starting point.

Now just go to the premise to escape. There are only four buttons on the screen and operation is intuitive. When you move, the guard moves twice for each move you make. Therefore, you should plan your actions accordingly.

Prison Escape 5×6

On this map, you are only two steps away from the exit point, but the guard will stand between you and the exit point. So you have to go left towards the dead end, then go up to the end and turn right towards the dead end. Now just take one step down and one step to the left, now you have to go to your starting position the same way you get to this position and you can easily reach the exit point.

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In other words, you can get out of prison through different avenues and other methods. However, it is better to keep it simple. So choose the option that is easiest for you. So you always go out.

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Prison Escape 5×7

ice screenshot 20220412 104144

5×7 and 7×5 maps are the same and users have to think the same to escape from prison. The guard is already trapped, but you must make the guard move twice before your single move. So just follow the red lines to get out of the prison.

5×7 Second Map

ice screenshot 20220412 104232

You will probably find this level one of the most difficult. The guard must be drawn to almost the entire perimeter of the level. You can then lure it in until you place it in the right situation. This is how you can escape.

It is always the horizontal movement of the guard that comes first. Also, if there are no horizontal moves available, the guard will not chase you. You can then slip past the guard and get to the exit.

Prison Escape 6×5

On this map, the guard is right next to you and in front of the starting point. So you can’t go directly to the starting point. You have to manipulate the guard so that he can chase you and you have to set your direction accordingly.

You will immediately be caught by the guard there. Therefore, he must make sure that the guard leads him away from the place where he must flee.

To do this follow these steps or (just follow the image we provided above)

  • Keep moving to the left until the end. And follow the wall to the end.
  • Then turn right. Continue until you reach the end. Turn around and keep walking.
  • Get up. A barrier will stop the character. So go left.

After that, you need to follow the chosen path to escape and get here.

Prison Escape 6×6

ice screenshot 20220412 104510

This is an adventurous map that requires some tactics to get out of jail. The guard will follow you every step of the way. Therefore, you just need to keep the distance between yourself and the guard and implement strategies accordingly. Here we provide the solution in the picture that you can follow to escape from jail.

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6×6 Second Map

Fooling the guards isn’t as easy as players think, so it can be a tricky card for some players. The guard always comes back from the other side when they try to trick him.

As a result, he must have a good strategy to pass all the challenging levels. We are willing to help you get a BitLife prison tape if he wants to be jailed for that purpose alone. You must first become a criminal to get a Prison Ribbon.

Now it is easy to become a criminal because robbing a bank, killing someone or stealing money from someone is a crime. Fortunately, there are no graphic cutscenes in the game. You can play mini games and answer multiple choice questions to find out what you like in life. Everything you decide counts from the beginning to the end.

The ribbons you earn depend on your decisions. On the 6×6 map, you have to take some illogical steps to get the guard’s attention or take him to the desired place.

Prison Escape 7×4

ice screenshot 20220412 104639

7×4 map is very easy to escape jail in BitLife. You just need to take three steps to the left, and then go up, turn right and just go down to the dead end. Now the premise is close to you just escape from jail easily.

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And since you have a few more walls than some of the easier levels, it’s easier to catch the guard.

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Prison Escape 8×7 Map Layout

ice screenshot 20220412 104735

The 8×7 map layout looks very simple, but it is quite difficult and challenging as the guard will move twice for every move you make. So you have to go almost the entire map to fool the guard, otherwise you will get caught and receive a double penalty.

And the guard will come to you. First it will try to walk horizontally. So he follows the red lines.

Prison Escape 8×8

ice screenshot 20220412 104845

This is one of the hardest layouts you will get in this game. You just need to stay away from the guard to reach the starting point. Therefore, most of your moves should be in the left direction of the map and you can plan your future strategies accordingly.

You need to strategically scan the map to find the places where you can trap the guards so that they can move freely towards the exit. You mostly move to the left side of the map.

8×8 Second Prison Map

ice screenshot 20220412 104947

The premise is guarded by a single guard. The red path must be followed to fool the guard.

After that, the prisoner must reach the end to escape. In the game, you become more skilled in conquering the prison cards that you want to show to test your skills during the game.


How can I Escape Prison in BitLife easily?

So the jail can’t be easily broken, you just need to follow some tactics. If you are a beginner, it will take you some time to become a professional gamer and then you can easily escape from jail without any help.

Do I need to pay anything to download this game?

No, it is a free simulation game available on play store and various app stores so you can easily download it without paying a penny for it.

How can I go to jail in Bitlife?

To enter jail you have to commit any type of crime. If you manage to escape and are then caught again by a guard, you take a double penalty.

Conclusion – Escape Prison in BitLife

So these were some map layouts that will help you escape from prison. Hopefully this guide on how to get out of jail in BitLife was useful to you. And before you start, you need to understand the right strategy and the way forward. But be careful, because the guard will soon come to get you. If you have any questions regarding the same, feel free to comment below.