How to Register With SARS as a taxpayer in South Africa

How to Register With SARS as a taxpayer in South Africa,Register With SARS as a taxpayer in South Africa,Register With SARS as a taxpayer,Register With SARS,SARS


Register With SARS as a taxpayer

How to Register With SARS as a taxpayer in South Africa


South African taxpayers can quickly file their income and other taxes online through the program known as eFiling by SARS.

We’ll go over how to register as a taxpayer with SARS in this article, along with some frequently asked questions about eFiling.


How can I become a taxpayer registered with SARS?

  1. Visit to access the SARS eFiling webpage.
  2. Select “Register”
  3. Complete the registration form, then submit it.

You won’t get a tax reference number right away when you sign up for eFiling for the first time. A tax reference number will be automatically supplied to you after SARS verifies all of your information.

Those who are unable to register through eFiling may call the SARS Contact Center to make an appointment for eBooking with SARS. In order to finish the registration process, you will need to visit your local branch, for which a SARS representative will make an appointment on your behalf:

Evidence of Identity
Evidence of Address
Proof of Bank Information
What paperwork is required in order to register with SARS?
You will need to submit copies of the following supporting documents whether you register for taxes online or at a SARS branch.

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Evidence of Identity:

Certified copies of a current identification card, such as a license, passport, temporary ID, or certificate for an asylum seeker, along with the original identification card
If the taxpayer is a minor, you must include a certified copy of the minor’s birth certificate as well as a copy of the parent or guardian’s identification card. The guardian is required to submit a death certificate if the parent has passed away.



  1. Proof of Address:

Here is a list of the forms of proof of address that SARS accepts. New users must ensure that the document clearly displays the taxpayer’s name and physical address.

Document  ​Validity 
1​ ​General Accounts
​1.1 ​Utility account e.g. water or electricity account ​Less than 3 months
​1.2 ​Educational Institution account ​Less than 3 months
​1.3 ​Co-op statement ​​Less than 3 months
​1.4 ​Medical aid statement ​​Less than 3 months
​1.5 ​Mortgage statement ​​Less than 6 months
​1.6 ​Telephone or mobile phone account ​​Less than 3 months
1.7​ ​e-Toll account ​Less than 3 months
​1.8 Television licence ​Less than 1 year
1.9 ​Retail store accounts ​Less than 3 months
​2 ​Government Issued Documents
​2.1 ​Motor vehicle licence ​Less than 1 year
​2.2 ​Court order ​​Less than 3 months
​2.3 ​Subpoena ​​Less than 3 months
​2.4 ​Traffic fine ​​Less than 3 months
​2.5 ​UIF or pension pay-out documentation ​​Less than 3 months
​3 ​Insurance and Investments
​3.1 ​Life assurance document ​​Less than 1 year
​3.2 ​Short-term insurance document ​​Less than 1 year
​3.3 ​Health insurance document ​​Less than 1 year
​3.4 ​Funeral policy document ​​Less than 1 year
​3.5 ​Investment statement from share, portfolio or unit trust ​​Less than 1 year
​4 ​Lease/ Franchise
​4.1 ​Current and valid agreement


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Complete the Confirmation of Entity Residential/ Business Address Form if you are a new applicant (CRA01).

There are three different types of proofs that can be offered. Any one of these ought to be adequate.

a genuine letter from your bank attesting to the account holder’s name, account number, type, branch code, and the date the account was opened. This can’t be more than a month old (30 days)
a genuine bank statement that was generated in-person or online, is electronically stamped, is no older than three months, and contains the same data as the one above. A stamped, original letter on the bank’s letterhead that is no more than one month old will be accepted in the event that a bank statement cannot be presented because the account is new.
A marriage certificate will be required if the wife or husband want to use their spouse’s account even though they do not have a bank account of their own. Any other situation necessitates the submission of an affidavit.
You can finish registering for eFiling once you have registered and received a tax identification number.

What makes you a taxpaying individual?
Anyone who is required to pay taxes to a government is referred to as a “taxpayer.” There are various tax categories, and each has its own exemptions and regulations.

An individual taxpayer is a person who has been given a tax identification number and who is required to file a tax return with SARS and pay the applicable taxes. The most typical kind of individual taxation for workers in firms is Income Tax, which is due on your wage and varies depending on your overall earning bracket.

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What income level is required to register with SARS?
Anyone who gets money other than a salary, advance, or allowance should sign up for provisional tax. In order to avoid accruing a big tax debt when completing your tax assessment, this way of paying the income tax burden in advance is not separate from income tax.

But there are some exceptions. In 2023, you won’t be required to file as a provisional taxpayer if:

You are less than 65 years old and make less than R91,250 annually.
You are between the ages of 65 and 75, earn less than R141,250, and
You are 75 years of age or older and earn less than R157,900.
How can I sign up for SARS for the first time online?
First-time There are three ways to register for SARS:

Auto Registration for Income Tax: After completing the SARS eFiling registration process, SARS will automatically register you and provide you a special tax identification number. the following steps:

  1. Visit to access the SARS eFiling webpage.
  2. Then click “Register.”
  3. Complete the registration form, then submit it.
  4. Through your employer, register

Employers can submit employee income tax registrations to SARS on your behalf using the SARS registration function provided by the SARS eFiling system. Visit for further information or inquire with your employer about their procedures.

Go to a SARS office.
You can go to a SARS branch if you’d rather get help in person. Note:

Before visiting the branch, you MUST schedule a time to do so.

Making an appointment is possible ONLY by calling the SARS Contact Center at 0800 00 7277 and choosing option 0. (zero). The appointment will be made on your behalf by a SARS consultant, who will also give you confirmation of the time and date of the booking.