How to Submit EMP501 on SARS Efiling In South Africa

How to Submit EMP501 on SARS Efiling In South Africa,How to File EMP501 Online for SARS in South Africa,How to File EMP501 Using SARS Electronic Filing in South Africa

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How to Submit EMP501 on SARS Efiling In South Africa


Every employer must provide a complete Employer Interim Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501). The South African Revenue Service (SARS) eFiling platform can be used to accomplish this. How to file EMP501 on SARS eFiling is explained in this post.



How to File a SARS E-File for EMP501


For the first six months of the year, employers are required to reconcile every Monthly Employer Declaration (EMP201). Accurate payroll data, tax values of the created interim IRP5/IT3(a) certificates, and PAYE data are all included in the reconciliations. The EMP501 is then submitted.

Employers can submit the EMP501 using the free SARS program called e@syFileTM that is linked to eFiling. The software was created primarily to make it easier for taxpayers to manage their tax matters, including payroll administrators and employers.

The current version of e@syFileTM must first be downloaded and installed on the taxpayers’ computers. Because the installation process has the potential to wipe out existing data on your computer, it is crucial to make a backup of it. Additionally, you must confirm that the import file complies with the specifications.

The most recent version of e@syFileTM must always be used when submitting any information to SARS because other older versions will not be approved. Before attempting to submit your EMP501, you can visit the official eFiling website to get the most recent version of SARS program.

The following tasks can be carried out by taxpayers using the most recent version of e@syFileTM:

  • The Monthly Employer Declaration must be finished, revised, and submitted (EMP201)
  • The Employer Reconciliation Declaration must be finished, revised, and delivered (EMP 501)
  • Manage the employer account and third-party appointment management (AA88s)
  • Import tax certificates, record them with the EMP501 while offline, and then send them to SARS online.
  • To register employees, use the Income Tax Registration (ITREG) feature.
  • The EMP501 Work Page on Efiling isn’t there.

Next to the EMP501 details on eFiling is the EMP501 Work Page. Click “View” next to the View Certificate Errors option. By selecting “Refresh Historic Data,” you can update the EMP501 historical data on the work page to reflect the most recent SARS records.

For instance, if the issue of non-compliance is brought up when the EPM501 return is requested on eFiling, you can use the refresh button to change your compliance status. Any information you may have recorded on the return is overwritten if you choose to refresh.


When Should EMP501 Be Filled Out?

The goal of the South African Revenue Service (SARS) is to help people better manage their tax-related difficulties. As a result, it has made a number of adjustments to the tax system to make it less complicated. All employers are now required to submit their Employer Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501) to SARS twice a year using the most recent version of e@syFileTM.

The interim reconciliation declaration, which covers the first half of the tax year, which runs from 1 March to 31 August, is the initial submission. This needs to be turned in by October 31 at the latest.

The deadline for submitting the yearly reconciliation declaration, which covers the period from March 1 through February 28/29, is May 31. All taxpayers will receive notification from SARS when the Employer Filing Season officially begins so they will know when to submit their EMP501. On the SARS website, you may find the Employer Filing Season dates.

Employers must confirm all payment amounts when completing their Monthly Employer Declarations, including Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), Employment Tax Incentive (ETI), Skills Development Levy (SDL), and Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) (EMP201s).


What Distinguishes EMP201 from EMP501?

The Monthly Employer Declaration must be assembled and submitted by all employers (EMP201). You must submit these monthly Employer Declarations for the first six months prior to filing your EMP501. The Employee Interim Tax Certificates (IRP5/ IT3a’s), which contain information about payroll, PAYE, and tax values, should be accurate.

All employees’ wages are included in a report called the EMP501 reconciliation, which must then be submitted to SARS. An EMP501 must have details about the employees declared each month on the Employer Declarations for the previous six months (EMP201).

You must balance all payroll tax liabilities, including PAYE, UIF, and SDL, before submitting an EMP501. As an employer, you must accurately withhold and report the tax payments made by your employees from their compensation. The EMP501 is filed after six months, whereas the EMP201 is submitted every month. In other words, you have to carry out your EMP501 reconciliations twice a year.

All taxpayers will get notice from SARS of the deadlines for EMP501 submission. The submission is due on October 31st, with the interim period lasting six months between March 1 and August 31st. The deadline for the yearly or full tax year is May 31.

For a successful reconciliation status, your EMP501 declaration must contain accurate and current data. The mandatory fields shown here must be filled out for each employee before submitting your EMP501.

complete name and last name of the employee
Passport or identity number
Reference number for income taxes
employment date
Physical address for a home
Compensation information
a person’s bank information



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What Is the Cost of a Late EMP501 Submission?

Employers who submit the EMP501s after the deadline will be penalized administratively. For each late submission, the employer is assessed a fine equal to 1% of the year’s PAYE liability. Up until a point where it reaches 10% of the year’s PAYE liability, the penalty increases monthly by one percentage point.

You will commit an offense if you intentionally or recklessly fail to submit an EMP501 return to SARS. You face a fine or a sentence of roughly two years in prison if you are found guilty of the crime. Contact SARS as soon as possible if you need assistance filing your EMP201 or EMP501 due to difficulties you are experiencing.

Employers must use the most recent version of e@syFileTM linked to eFiling to submit their EMP501 to SARS. This software must first be downloaded and installed on your computer. Penalties may apply if your tax responsibilities are not met. To ensure that you are following SARS requirements, you must frequently visit its website to learn about the deadlines for submitting your EMP501.