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How To Watch Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

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How To Watch Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

Are you currently using DirecTV services? Then you probably already know the topic of today’s DirecTV Weather Channel broadcast. In the United States, DirecTV offers satellite television and streaming services. In addition, DirecTV offers channels in various categories in the United States. DirecTV is owned by AT&T, as we all know.

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Many DirecTV users have forgotten the channel number and weather channel category as DirecTV only offers a few channels. Are you one of those users? Then you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you how to watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV. So let’s get right in.

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How To Watch Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

Watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV?

There are currently two weather channels available on DirecTV. It may be known to existing DirecTV subscribers. It’s AccuWeather and Weather Channel. AccuWeather can be found on channel 361. Weather channel can be found on channel 362. The information from these two channels is enough to give you the necessary weather forecast. AMHQ is the flagship of the weather channel. Mr. Sam Champion hosts the show.

The Weather Channel VS DirecTV

DirecTV removed the weather channel when neither they nor the company could come to an agreement. They wanted a raise from DirecTV. At that time, Weather Channel 13 sent a payment per subscriber.

DirecTV did not accept this. That’s why DirecTV removed the weather channel. It has now been resolved after three months. It’s back on channel 362 on DirecTV.

Local Weather Channels

Over 100 local channels are available on DirecTV. You can use your local zip code to determine the weather channel number. Visit the DirecTV website to see if local channels are available.

Final Words

On DirecTV you will find these two weather channels. Hopefully, these two channels will remain on DirecTV permanently. However, if you know of any other specific weather channels on DirecTV, let us know in the comments.


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