How To Write an Application Letter And Get The interview Invitation..Example Letter

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Searching for a job and need to write a cover letter that guarantees your success? Continue reading and writing a cover letter won’t be a problem for you! Get a clear example of cover letter, application letter writing tips, explanation of how to write an application letter in Kenya and much more – all you need to get the job of your dreams.

List of useful tips

How to write an application letter for a job

Have no idea what facts to include about your working experience and how to prove that you are a real professional? The following guide will give you all the needed information.

An application letter, also known as cover letter has to be sent or uploaded with a curriculum vitae. The CV has to contain an account of your previous career path, list of skills and abilities, while the cover letter contains an explanation for your future employer why you are the best candidate.

At first it may seem as a very difficult task, but if you divide the process in a couple of steps, it would be way easier to complete.

Getting started. Start with a brainstorming process. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write all the information that you want to include in the cover letter. Don’t forget that there is a limit in the cover letter, and you don’t have to include every single fact from your job experience. Choose the most significant achievements ans skills and describe them.Analyze the job vacancy and figure out what the employer is looking for. If it is said that a leader is needed, describe cases when you have showed your leadership skills.

How to write an application letter for a job vacancy guide. 

The writing process of a cover letter requires some accuracy and attentiveness. Remember that application letter has to be one page long. Don’t forget to put space between each new paragraph. Don’t experiment with the fonts, as cover letter is a serious document. Standard Times New Roman font will be an excellent choice, the size between 10 and 12.

Cover letter structure. Your application letter has to include a heading, polite greeting, main part of the letter (three paragraphs), polite close and your personal signature.

Sounds difficult? Don’t worry, you will find plenty of cover letter templates in the Internet and one you can find in the following article. A proper example will help you to save plenty of time, especially if you have to write a lot of cover letters.

Don’t forget to edit your letter in the end. Correct all grammatical and spelling mistakes, add missing information etc. Make you cover letter ideal.

Try to include all your most essential skills and achievements in the cover letter

Example of how to write an application letter

Use the following example and edit it to make it your-own. A perfect cover letter should include information, that will show the HR manager that you are a perfect candidate for this position. How to write an cover letter – won’t be a difficult question for you anymore.

Topic of the e-mail. Sales manager position – Your name.

Email message:

Dear HR Manager/ Dear Sir/Madam,

I am highly interested in the position of a sales manager, that you have posted on (type the source, where you have found the job vacancy). The description of job responsibilities, fully matches my working experience, and I am really thrilled to send my CV for your approval.

As a sales manager at (write the name of the company, that you have worked for) I used to design and implement business strategy plans, that had increased the number of company’s customer base by 30 percent. I have also built strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

While working at (write the name of the company, that you have worked for) as a sales manager, I used to make sales, revenue and expenses reports and forecasts for the management team.

I have also attached my curriculum vitae. If you have more questions about my job experience and skills, I will be happy to provide you with all the needed information.

Looking forward your e-mail.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

(Your Name)

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