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Immigration Tanzania Residence Permit

What is Work Permit?


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The Work Permit is issued to a non-citizen, who has secured an employment, invest or established a business in Tanzania, the permit is issued by the Government of Tanzania, under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The one with mandate to issues the Permit in Tanzania is the Commissioner for Labour.

Who Qualify for the Permit?

As indicated above, the work permit is issued to any foreigner who have secure employment or self-employed in Tanzania. Hence, any non-citizen who has secured employment, invest, or establish a business in Tanzania, is eligible to be issued with a “Permit” by the Ministry of Labour and Employment of Tanzania.

What are the categories of Work Permit?

1. Work Permit Class A

Under this class, the Permit is granted to a foreigner who engage in trade, Business, Profession, and Agriculture, Animal husbandry, prospecting of Minerals or manufacturing. Generally speaking, the permit is issued to a foreigner who is an investor or self-employed.

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2. Work Permit Class B

Under this Class the work permit is issued to a Non-citizen in possession of prescribed professions Such as Medical and Health Care professionals, experts in oil & Gas, Teachers and University Lecturers in Science and Mathematics.

3. Work Permit Class C

Under this Class the work permit is issued to the Non-Citizen in possession of all other professions

4. Work Permit Class D

Under this Class the work permit is issued to the Non-citizens employed or engaged in approved religious or charitable activities.

5. Work Permit Class E

Under this Class the work permit is issued to the Refugees.

Who Can Apply for the Permit?

Though any non-citizen who has secured employment or self-employed in Tanzania is eligible for work permit, he/she personally cannot apply for the permit. As such, only the Domestic incorporated companies and Foreign companies with certificate of compliance and permanent place of business in Tanzania or Zanzibar, are allowed applicants for the permit.

Hence, the company will apply for the permit on behalf of its Directors and Employees, and once issued the work permit remains to be property of the company.


Apply In-Person:

  • Application form for getting a work permit is available in Tanzania Immigration Services Department contact link
  • Applicant must provide all needed information in the application form.
  • Applicant should make sure to provide all documents that are needed for completing this procedure.
  • Documents that are needed for completing this procedure is mentioned under “Required Documents” section of this page.
  • Applicant must attach photocopies of all documents that are requested along with the application form while submitting it at the office.
  • Fee for this procedure has to be paid as per authority’s request.
  • If all the above-mentioned procedures were followed properly by the applicant, the applicant can get their certificate within 3 months.
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Required Documents

  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Passport Size photographs
  • Passport
  • Offer letter from a company (if any)

Office Locations & Contacts

Tanzania Immigration Head Office – Uhmiaji House

Location: Dar es Salaam
Address: Liliondo St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Contact No: (+255) 222 850 575


  • Applicant should make sure to follow all instructions provided by concerned authorities properly.
  • Applicant must provide genuine information while applying for this procedure.

Required Information

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email ID
  • Bank Account Number

1. Residence Permits

1. Residence Permit Class “A” For large Capital Investors in Companies, Industries, Fishing, Mineral and Transportation. US $2000 First issue and renewal
2. Residence Permit Class “A” For Peasants US $50 First issue and renewal
3. Residence Permit Class “B”For employees in industries, Private Companies, Public Cooperation, Fishing, Mines, Transportation and Music bands. US $1,500 First issue and renewal
4. Residence Permit Class “C”For Missionaries, Researchers and Students US $500 First issue and renewal
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2. Passes

1. Dependant Pass US $500 First issue and renewal
2. Special Pass US $600
3. Visitors Pass (CTA) US $200
4. Re-entry Pass US $50

3. Visas (Please refer to rates set for Applicants at the Tanzania Embassy / High Commision)

4. Citizenship

1. Naturalization* US $5,000

*A fee of US $1,500 is payable upon submission of the application for naturalization, while US. $3,500 is paid after the approval of the application for the grant of Citizenship by the Minister responsible for citizenship matters.

Download File/s:



Most downloaded files

  1. Visa Guidelines (Services Guidelines)
  3. Visa Application Form (Application and Declaration forms)
  4. Residence Permit Guidelines (Services Guidelines)
  5. KUITWA KWENYE USAILI – 2022 (News)

Application and Declaration forms

  1. Application for Tanzania Citizenship by Naturalisation (FORM A)
    pdf nat.pdf
  2. Declaration Concerning Citizenship.pdf
  3. Naturalization for married woman.pdf
  4. Return on Employment of Non-Citizens Form
    return on employment of non citzens.pdf
  5. Residence Permit Update Information Form Download
    residence permit update information form.pdf
  6. Dependent Pass Update Information Form Download
    dependent pass update information form.pdf
  7. Exemption Certificate Update Information
    exemption update information form.pdf
  8. Residence Permit Security bond-TIF 12
    residence permit securitybond.pdf
  9. Dependent Pass Application Form
  10. Entry Declaration Form
    entry declaration form-ARRIVAL.pdf
  11. Visa Application Form
    VISA Application Form .pdf

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