Infinity Kiss

Infinity Kiss

Infinity Kiss :

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There are some things money can’t buy. What’s more valuable than money to YOU? I worked two jobs, was raising my 6-year-old alone and each week worried if I would make ends meet. In the evening, my son and I would spend a little time together, but he felt my stress even though I tried to hide it from him. One night we were sitting together and I was reading him a story.

The story was about a family who had everything…a new car, beautiful home. It was so far from what we knew, it felt like make believe. Tears came to my eyes and I turned away from my son, I didn’t want him to see me like this.

My young, but very wise little boy seemed to read my mind and said, “Mommy…don’t cry. This family may have a lot of things, but you know we are rich too.”

I looked at him not quite understanding what he meant. He went on to say, “We may not have a lot, but we have each other and we love each other. Money can’t buy that.”

I smiled and said, “Let me give you an infinity kiss.” I kissed his cheek for a long time.

“This kiss will last forever, and ever and ever”