Job Opportunity at Abt Associates, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Director

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Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Director

Job Description

The MEL Manager will be responsible for the design and implementation of data systems for monitoring and evaluating the project and for creating processes to ensure that project activities are evidence-based and adapted based on iterative project learnings.  The MEL Manager will also work closely with the Surveillance Technical Lead and government of Tanzania stakeholders to improve the government’s capacity for evidence-based decision making and for malaria surveillance.


  1. With guidance from the COP and Technical Director, design and establish a project monitoring, evaluation, and learning system, including defining project indicators and sources of data and developing the project performance monitoring plan;
  2. Implement capacity-building activities to increase the ability of key NMCP and ZAMEP staff across all levels to identify, collect, analyze, report on, and use high quality data through health information technology systems in support of the malaria program’s indicators;
  3. Work closely with the project Surveillance Lead to improve the capacity of NMCP and ZAMEP to implement high quality malaria surveillance and data feedback systems to facilitate evidence-based policies and programming.
  4. Provide leadership for the project’s activities aimed at strengthening and supporting implementation of the country’s malaria surveillance and MEL systems;
  5. Lead the project’s operational research as necessary;
  6. Oversee collection, analysis and reporting of data for the project’s baseline and routine project monitoring;
  7. Prepare and ensure timely submission of project performance monitoring reports and contribute to annual workplans and other regular project reports;
  8. Organize and carry out a capacity-building plan to increase the ability of all project staff to identify, collect, analyze and report on high quality performance monitoring data;
  9. Develop and implement quantitative and qualitative research instruments and research/evaluation protocols as necessary;
  10. Support the development of success stories and lessons learned in project implementation;
  11. Present the results of program achievements and outputs in written reports and at conferences and meetings;
  12. Maintain close working relationships with the M&E staff from the NMCP and ZAMEP;
  13. Coordinate with national authorities and international partners planning for and carrying out national household level surveys including a malaria component;
  14. Supervise direct reports with particular focus on their key tasks and the quality of project deliverables.


  1. Minimum of a Master’s degree in Statistics, Epidemiology or other health related field;
  2. 10+ years of experience monitoring health or malaria-specific programs, particularly designing M&E plans;
  3. Demonstrated expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methods;
  4. Minimum of 3 years’ practical experience setting up and managing project monitoring and evaluation plans and systems, for USAID-supported projects preferred;
  5. Substantial experience in building capacity of government and/or local partner staff in data collection, analysis, and/or use;
  6. Experience with malaria surveillance systems and health information technology and management systems highly preferred;
  7. Ability to independently plan and execute complex tasks while addressing daily management details and remaining organized and focused on long-term deadlines and strategy;
  8. Possess outstanding professional reputation and have strong demonstrated interpersonal, written, and oral presentation skills;
  9. Willingness to travel within the country as needed;
  10. Oral and written English language required;

Tanzanian candidates are strongly encouraged to apply;

The deadline for submitting the application is 30 November 2021.


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