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Job Opportunity at Jhpiego, Consultant – EMOTIVE Expert Trainer


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For more than 46 years now, Jhpiego has empowered front-line health workers by designing and implementing effective, low-cost, hands-on solutions to strengthen the delivery of health care services for women and their families. By putting evidence-based health innovations into everyday practice, Jhpiego works to break down barriers to high-quality health care for the world’s most vulnerable populations. Jhpiego, implementing a number of projects in Tanzania, wishes to recruit a Consultant to facilitate in training of trainers and their mentorship for on the job training.

Using the Helping Mothers Survive Low-Dose, High-Frequency Training Approach to build capacity of 21 master trainers’ service providers for EMOTIVE PPH bundle study implementation at 7 sites in Eastern and Lake Zones of Tanzania.


Scope of Work

Jhpiego will train seven health facilities participating in the University of Birmingham, World Health Organization (WHO) trial study to evaluate the implementation of early detection and the use of the E-MOTIVE WHO “first response” treatment bundle for PPH.

Jhpiego will employ the E-MOTIVE module for the training designed using a “low-dose, high-frequency” (LDHF) approach. Skills are built on-site to improve communication and teamwork, and reinforce clinical skills to manage PPH.

Hence, the training will be comprised of two components; training of 20 trainers divided in two groups and mentoring them to conduct their first training on the job at each of the seven worksites. The OJT enables providers to achieve short sets of LDHF skills and to establish quality improvement activities to be done after training in order to achieve proficiency and confidence to contain PPH and enhance women’s survival.

Activities include

Preparation for the training activities: 2 days for preparation and development of related documents such as scope of work, 2 days for advance review of materials, 2 days for orientation to the materials, 2 days for overseeing procurement of print and clinical materials and liaising with the Tanzania PI for smooth running of the 2 events (8 days).

Activity 1 in March 2022: To conduct two three days training of trainers (TOT) for 20 participants from 7 study health facilities (4 hospitals and 3 health centers- estimates) on Early Detection and Treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage Using the WHO MOTIVE “First Response” Bundle. (8 days (1 day preparation, 6 days training and 1 report writing)

Activity 2 in April and May 2022: To conduct mentorship to the 20 TOT graduates as they conduct their 1st OJT for the WHO MOTIVE training at 7 study sites selected randomly spread in Eastern and Lake zones. (28 days (1 day travel + 1 preparation day + 2 days for training and peer orientation + 4 days x 7 sites)

Proposed dates                                        Activity                                                       Location

February 14 – 25                                    Preparation                                                Venue in Dar es Salam

March 14 – 31, 2022  (7days)    

(11 days (8 days for 2 TOTs and 3 for travelling)Master Training of Trainer/Mentors

Conduct first and second trainings of master trainers/mentors in the Master training for EMOTIVE module.Venue TBD – Mwanza

 April 01 – May 14

(28 days including travelling    OJT Training and mentorship of 20 trainers for EMOTIVE Venue TBD

(at the individual site in Eastern and Lake zone regions)


A 2-day orientation of the 2 expert trainers by Dr Cherrie Evans, the project director to the newly revised EMOTIVE training materials;

The 2 trainers will conduct two-three days each of clinical and facilitation skills trainings of 20 providers

The 2 trainers will mentor the 20 TOTs while conducting their first OJT at 7 health facilities of Lake and Eastern zones.

Orientation of 2 to 3 Project Peer Coordinators (PPC) on their roles for the facilities to institutionalize the capacity-building approach.

Specific teaching and learning methodology will include participatory approaches; illustrated presentations, demonstration, simulations and facilitated practices.

Expected results

UoB and WHO PPH project 20 trainers trained to deliver EMOTIVE module.

UoB and WHO PPH project 20 trainers mentored to deliver EMOTIVE module

UoB and WHO PPH project 70 service providers trained to deliver EMOTIVE bundle

Two activity reports were shared with Jhpiego HQ.

Required Qualifications

10+ years of experience working in and managing MNH programs

Midwife, Medical doctor, or OB/GYN specialist

EMOTIVE expert trainer

Experience in working in the Tanzania Health System

Good understanding of recommended international evidence-based practices and policies in MNH

Strong computer skills — MS office

Ability to work with minimal supervision

Fluency in both written and spoken English


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