Jobs that ONLY accept local candidates (all regions)

For those urgently looking for a job NOW! This is for you.

The global situation is calling for Impact organizations to increase the recruitment of local talent. This could be a game-changer for many highly qualified professionals who were previously discarded from mid and senior-level positions for their lack of international experience.

We have compiled all the opportunities where the Impact organizations will ONLY accept local candidates possessing citizenship of the location of the vacancy. This will obviously reduce the number of “super-qualified” international professionals competing for the same positions.


Looking for Home-based jobs? We have a list as well!

We also list jobs marked as Multiple locations job calls (frequent travel consultancies, contract agreements, volunteering, etc.)

We encourage you to type in YOUR LOCALITY in search window here on our home page to get all jobs at your sprecific location. All HOME BASED JOBS, and JOBS JUST FOR LOCALS is mentioned too.

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