Contracts and Procurement Officer (Edtech Hub) London, United Kingdom

Contracts and Procurement Officer (Edtech Hub) London, United Kingdom

Job Overview

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Location London, United Kingdom
Ending 01 Dec 2021, Wednesday
Posted 02 Nov 2021, Tuesday

Job Description
R4D is seeking a Contracts & Procurement Officer who will be dedicated to supporting our flagship EdTech Hub Programme.
About the EdTech programme[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1252″ title=”In- Article Ads”]

R4D is the prime contractor for the FCDO Directorate for Research and Innovation Hub on Technology for Education (EdTech Hub) programme. The aim of the EDTech Hub is to empower people by giving them the evidence they need to make decisions about technology in education as part of a global non-profit partnership focusing on research, innovation and engagement. EdTech Hub is a global research partnership that aims to empower people by giving them the evidence they need to make decisions about technology in education. EdTech Hub: ● Undertakes and funds robust and rigorous research in five key topic areas ● Delivers support in up to six core countries to develop and deliver Sandboxes to learn about technology in education in a specific environment ● Delivers Technical Advice and Helpdesk support to FCDO, UNICEF and World Bank advisors as well as government officials on technology in education ● Functions as a Hub, and shares a range of Learning Products to make evidence available to a wide audience.

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EdTech Hub is delivered through a consortium of R4D and five core sub-contractors, two regional sub-contractors, as well as range of country and activity specific local and international sub-contractors. From a management perspective, it is a complex programme funded by multiple donors including various departments within the FCDO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank and UNICEF. Ed Tech Hub is in the 3rd year of an anticipated 8 year funding period, with a secured budget of £24M and a projected total life budget of at least £28M.

The role

A core role within the Hub Central Services team has become available. The EdTech Hub Contracts & Procurement Officer will work closely with the Chief of Operations for the Hub to oversee and manage all procurement and contracting on the Hub, and to support Supply Chain management in accordance with the FCDO Supplier Code of Conduct and the requirements of other Hub donors. The Hub has recently undertaken an organisational reform, and we are seeking someone to work closely with the COO to refine and embed our new Supply Chain Management, contracting and procurement processes.

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The right person will have experience of supply chain management, contracting and/or grant management on donor programmes (preferably FCDO) and will be able to work independently. They should be able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment, and to develop creative solutions as the Hub grows and changes. The ideal candidate will have strong written skills, and should be confident advising and supporting a large and diverse team on supply chain management, procurement and contracting. Experience of writing, updating and rolling out training on processes and policies will be an advantage.

A legal background is not required, but the suitable candidate must be able to work effectively with legal and commercial advisors as required.

This position is home based in the UK and will report to the EdTech Hub Chief of Operations. Periodic travel to an office in London for meetings could be required. Candidates must have the legal right to work in the UK.

The role is 60% of full time (i.e. 24 hours over a five 8-hour working days) with the working pattern to be confirmed with the selected candidate. The Contracts & Procurement Officer is required to liaise with colleagues in the US, which might on occasion require attending meeting after 5pm.

1. Put in place and revise procurement and contracting processes, procedures and template as required

Support the COO to develop and refine supply chain management, procurement and contracting processes, procedures and templates as the Hub grows incl to meet new donor requirements
Support the COO and R4D’s legal experts to ensure a suite of appropriate contracting templates are in place which flows down the requirements of multiple donors[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1254″ title=”In-Feed Ads”]
Roll out of training on supply chain management, procurement and contracting processes to Project Management staff
2. Develop and quality assure contract requests, SoW, TORs and Work Order

Prepare contract requests, Scope of Work (SOW), Terms of Reference (TOR) and Work Orders (WO)s using appropriate templates
Roll out training and support and quality assure contract requests, SOW, TORs and WOs prepared by Hub team members

3. Support due diligence

Support the COO to ensure appropriate due diligence tools and processes are in place
Request, collate, check and file due diligence information from individual consultants, sub-contractors and grantees
Undertaking due diligence checks using relevant online databases might also be required; training will be provided
4. Support drafting and issuing of contracts, and manage documentation

Prepare contracts using a suite of templates
Liaise with the COO and R4D’s legal and commercial experts to negotiate terms and conditions and response to queries from individuals, sub-contractors and grantees
Co-ordinate signing of contracts and maintain filing of contracts on relevant Hub and R4D systems
5. Supply chain management and reporting to donors

Ensure individual contractors, sub-contractors and grantees are aware of their obligations
Provide advice and support to help contractors, sub-contractors and grantees meet obligations, specifically partners new to FCDO working
Undertake reviews of partner processes and systems, including spot checks
Input into donor reporting on supply chain management

6. Other

Serve as liaison between the R4D Procurement and the Hub Central Services team at an operational level.

Relevant professional qualification
5+ years of relevant experience; experience of FCDO programmes is highly desired
Demonstratable experience of using contract templates and drafting Terms of Reference, Scope of Work and/or Work Orders; experience of liaising with legal and commercial experts on changes to Terms and Conditions highly desirable
Experience of liaising with individual contractors, sub-contracts and/or grantees on contracting and procurement
Strong written skills and ability to use Microsoft Word effectively
Able to work well with a wide range of team members from diverse professional and personal backgrounds
High level of organization, attention to detail, professionalism, and reliability

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