List of NGOs in Tanzania – Registered NGOs in Tanzania

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Comprehensive Report on Registered NGOs in Tanzania


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a vital role in promoting social welfare, development, and humanitarian work in Tanzania. These organizations operate independently of the government and focus on various sectors, including education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, environmental conservation, and human rights. In this detailed report, we provide an extensive list of registered NGOs in Tanzania, highlighting their areas of focus and contact information. This resource aims to facilitate collaboration, research, and support for NGOs and their initiatives in Tanzania.


To compile this comprehensive list, we conducted thorough research using various sources, including government databases, official NGO registries, and publicly available information. The information provided is based on the latest data available up until 2023. It’s important to note that this list represents a diverse range of NGOs, but it may not include every registered NGO in Tanzania. The list is organized alphabetically for ease of reference.

List of Registered NGOs in Tanzania:

  1. ActionAid Tanzania
    • Focus Area: Poverty eradication, women’s rights, and social justice.
    • Website:
  2. African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)
    • Focus Area: Wildlife conservation and environmental protection.
    • Website:
  3. Amref Health Africa in Tanzania
  4. CARE International in Tanzania
  5. Child in Need Institute (CINI) Tanzania
  6. HakiElimu
  7. HelpAge International Tanzania
  8. International Rescue Committee (IRC) Tanzania
  9. Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania
  10. Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC)
  11. Mkombozi Commercial Bank Foundation (MCBF)
    • Focus Area: Poverty alleviation, financial inclusion, and entrepreneurship.
    • Website:
  12. Oxfam Tanzania
    • Focus Area: Poverty reduction, gender equality, and sustainable development.
    • Website:
  13. Save the Children Tanzania
  14. Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG)
    • Focus Area: Forest conservation, community engagement, and sustainable livelihoods.
    • Website:
  15. Women Fund Tanzania (WFT)

Please note that the provided list represents only a fraction of the registered NGOs operating in Tanzania. There are numerous other organizations working diligently to address various social and environmental challenges across the country.


Registered NGOs in Tanzania play a critical role in driving positive change and addressing societal issues. This comprehensive list of NGOs serves as a valuable resource for researchers, donors, volunteers, and individuals seeking to collaborate with or support these organizations. It is essential to engage with these NGOs directly through their websites or contact information provided to learn more about their initiatives, ongoing projects, and how to contribute to their noble causes. By fostering collaboration and support for NGOs in Tanzania, we can collectively work towards a brighter future for the country and its communities.

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