Make a Live XP CD (without Bart PE) 2023

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If you frequently read IntoWindows, you may already be aware of my post How to Create a Live XP/Vista CD/DVD/USB. a couple of weeks ago. A select few people have asked me to produce a straightforward post outlining how to simplify Live XP. I therefore created this new manual for XP fans.

The art of creating Windows XP live CD

Here, I’ve rewritten the text based on the supposition that you’ll make a Live XP CD. You need to be connected to the Internet in order to generate a live XP CD. You may need to wait a few days if there is no internet access because we will soon talk about alternative way to build a Live USB. Ensure an internet connection for your computer.

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1. Winbuilder

2. Windows XP CD

3. Internet Connection

4. Blank CD

#Step 1. Download Winbuilder (Free) from here, extract the zip file to a folder called “Live XP” on your Desktop (assuming that you have a minimum of 700MB free space on your C Drive). You can even choose any other drives or folders to extract the Winbuilder zip file. Make sure you have enough free space before proceeding further.

#Step 2. Run Winbuilder.exe file from the Live XP folder, below is the welcome screen you will see for the first time. Download screen is the screen where you need to choose the tools, drivers and other applications required for the live CD.

#Step 3. Switch to the Download tab, uncheck the box named “Optional”, and click the Download button located at the bottom left of the pane to start the download of essential scripts and tools for your XP live CD.

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#Step 4. Once Winbuilder finishes the downloading process, it will show you the below screen. Click on the Play button located at right top.5. Insert your Windows XP CD into the CD/DVD drive and browse the same from the Winbuilder (Refer screenshot).

#Step 5. Click the Continue button to start the live CD building process. It will take a few minutes to finish the process. If the Winbuilder process prompts any confirmation message, click “yes” or “Ok” to continue the building process.

#Step 6. Once it finishes building a Live XP image, you need to insert a blank CD so that it burns the Live XP image file into the blank CD. Keep the burn speed at minimum to get the best results.

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#Step 7. If you have followed the procedure neatly, you will have a Live XP CD in your hand.

#Step 8. Once you get the Live XP CD, you can insert and check the new Live XP CD.

Postscript: I tried using the latest version of Winbuilder before downgrading to the older version I used in this tutorial. The reason is that this version is more stable than newer versions like XP. So I recommend stable version instead of BETA.

If you have any problems following the above process, don’t hesitate to raise your doubts as a comment. And lastly, do not copy this article to other websites or forums without permission and backlinks.


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