Matric Results 2022/2023 Pass Rates by Provinces

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Matric Results 2022/2023 Pass Rates by Provinces

Matric Results 2022/2023 Pass Rates by Provinces Welcome to Matric Results 2022/2023 Pass Rates by Provinces Results Analysis Article From this Article you will get Free State Matric Pass Rates,Gauteng Matric Pass Rates,Western Cape Matric Pass Rates,North West Matric Pass Rates,KwaZulu-Natal Matric Pass Rates,Mpumalanga Matric Pass Rates,Eastern Cape Matric Pass Rates,Northern Cape Matric Pass Rates,Limpopo Matric Pass Rates.


How Are Matric Points Calculated?

The APS system is used to determine your Matric points.
An APS is what?

The percentage you received in each topic on your matriculation certificate is given a point value called an APS (Admission Point Score). For instance, your APS score would be 5 if you had a 67% in Life Sciences. Or, you will receive 7 points, which also qualifies as a distinction, if you receive 85% in History.

The APS method will give each of your subjects a number between one (1) and seven (7). An APS is used by colleges and universities to assess a student’s course readiness. You won’t be able to take the selected course if your APS doesn’t fulfill the prerequisites for admission.


How Do I Calculate My APS?

The table below shows how to calculate the APS for each of your subjects.

Matric Symbol Percentage Type of Achievement APS
A 80% – 100% Outstanding Achievement 7
B 70% – 79% Meritorious Achievement 6
C 60% – 69% Substantial Achievement 5
D 50% – 59% Adequate Achievement 4
E 40% – 49% Moderate Achievement 3
F 30% – 39% Elementary Achievement 2
G 0% – 29% Not Achieved: Fail 1

How to Get Matric Results 2022/2023 Pass Rates by Provinces


Firstly Go to Your province Department of Educations eg Gauteng Education department ( )

Then From there Search for Matric Pass Rate you will get it


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