Partial Scholarship Tenable In The Arab Republic Of Egypt For Academic Year 2021/2022

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1.0      Call for Application

The general public is hereby informed that, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) invites applicants from African Countries to apply for Masters of Science degree in Engineering for the academic year 2022/2023.[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1252″ title=”In- Article Ads”]

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2.0      Eligibility Requirements

Applicants should be Researchers or Instructors who belong to Universities or Research Institutions in Africa.

3.0      Scholarship coverage

 This is a partial scholarship which covers only the following:

  1. Tuition fee;
  2. Monthly Allowance;
  3. Accommodation;
  4. Medical Insurance;
  5. Flight Tickets.

NB:[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1252″ title=”In- Article Ads”]

  1. The beneficiary of this scholarship will be responsible to cover other expenses not mentioned.
  2. There is no loan or grant from the government of United Republic of Tanzania for candidates who will be offered this Scholarship.
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  4.0 Application and submission procedures  

  1. For information about admission and eligibility requirements, please check the international admission guidelines:
  2. For more details please visit this website:
  3. The online application period is from December 30, 2021 till February 12, 2022.
Issued by:[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1250″ title=”Display Ads”]
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,
Government City,
Mtumba Area,
Afya Street,
P. O. Box 10,
40479 DODOMA.
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