SASSA Elderly grant balance check online

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SASSA Elderly grant balance check online, SASSA Old Age grant balance check online,Old Age grant balance SASSA 

SASSA Elderly grant balance check online

Using your phone, you can check your SASSA balance by following the instructions below.

1203210# on your telephone
Follow the directions
If the above USSD code and balance check did not work, try the following:

12069277# on your telephone keypad
Follow every detail
You should then receive an SMS alert
Check Your SASSA Balance Using WhatsApp on Your Mobile Phone
You can check the status of your SASSA application via WhatsApp on your mobile phone:

Send the word “Sassa” to the 082 046 8553 number for the Sassa WhatsApp application.
Please respond with “Status”
If you have a reference number, reply “Yes.”
Provide the mobile number you used to apply for the grant.
Please respond with the reference number.


How to Verify Your Sassa Balance

Applicants can also check the current status of their SRD grant application on the official SASSA website at

Applicants can also monitor the status of their SRD grant application on the official SASSA website by following this link to the online dashboard:


In accordance with Section 3 of the Social Assistance Act, SASSA is the Department of Social Development Agency body responsible for administering social assistance.

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This mostly entails providing grant recipients with benefits and grant funds. Follow @OfficialSASSA on Twitter for the most recent news and email updates from the organization.

SASSA provides a variety of social subsidies to South Africans, ranging from care dependant and child support to disability and veterans of war.

Recently, the department established the Covid-19 R350 Social Relief of Distress Program, also known as the SRD R350 grant. This is a grant of R350 per month for six months to be granted to unemployed individuals who do not receive any other type of income, social grant, or UIF payment. On the SASSA website, you may learn more about the Covid SRD R350 grant, including the application process and eligibility requirements:

All R350 Grant Applications and social grant payments will be managed by SASSA.

SASSA Elderly grant balance check online

What happens if my grant application has been denied?

When performing the status check, some individuals discover that their grant payment has been denied with the response ‘Registered at SARS for PAYE’ or ‘Receiving a source of income. Note that according to SASSA rules, the applicant must be unemployed in order to qualify for the stipend (and not have any source of income). In addition to not obtaining UIF or other grants.

As of July 2021, however, this does not include anyone receiving a child support stipend. Currently, when an SASSA application is denied, it is typically because the applicant has a monthly income in excess of R595, excluding any child benefit.

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If your SRD application is denied, you can appeal through the SRD website. As noted, if an application is denied, the customer can file a service request for reconsideration via the website’s application for reconsideration link.

Below are the status of your R350 grant and any pending payments. Verify your eligibility for the current grant payment cycle.

In the previous batch of applications, SASSA instructed applicants to send queries and appeals to [email protected].



Status Report on R350 Grant Applications

Minister of Social Development Lindiwe Zulu stated in a statement that nine million South Africans have applied for the SASSA Covid SRD R350 grant. There have been complaints of lengthy lines at pay stations where R350 is paid (due to the millions of applications) The minister encourages that whenever possible, people supply their bank account information so that the R350 can be deposited straight into their accounts. Providing your account information as a payment option helps expedite cash transactions. The majority of grant users have been purchasing food.

In addition to the Post Office, you can collect your R350 social relief award from Pick n Pay and Boxer retailers in South Africa beginning on September 22. You must have gotten the SMS notification that your grant is ready. Bring your cell phone and identification to the store when you collect. This means that individuals who do not have a bank account will have access to cash. It is also possible to receive payments via Bank Mobile Money Transfers.

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Remember to only visit after receiving an SMS indicating that your grant is ready.

Use the following link going forward to view the most recent R350 SRD Payment Dates.

SASSA Elderly grant balance check online

SASSA Contact Information

Twitter: @OfficialSASSA 
Facebook: @SASSANewsZA

SASSA Offices Toll Free Contact Number: 0800 60 10 11
Email: [email protected]



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