SASSA SRD Biometric Identity Verification

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SASSA SRD Biometric Identity Verification

To improve security for its clients, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has implemented a biometric identity verification mechanism for the R350 payment.

SASSA SRD Biometric Identity Verification

Most modifications to an existing R350 grant application profile for a beneficiary must follow this method.

This comprises:

  1. the removal of a referenced status
  2. opening an account with Postbank
  3. A cellphone number update
  4. requesting payment in cash

Beneficiaries will get two SMS messages from SASSA with a secure link after choosing a change or update. The second SMS has a link that needs to be clicked, but it should be warned that the link is only active for 72 hours.

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Contact the SASSA call center at at 0800 60 10 11 for assistance if the SMS is not received or the link has expired.

SASSA SRD Biometric Identity Verification

Recipients are encouraged to regularly check the status of their applications to ensure payment approval and learn when their R350 payment will be issued each month.

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Anybody who hasn’t updated their banking information is urged to do so at on the SRD website.

In conclusion, SASSA made a crucial decision to strengthen the security of the R350 award for its beneficiaries by implementing a biometric identification verification system. Beneficiaries should rest easy knowing that their monies are secure by adhering to the SASSA’s rules and frequently reviewing the status of their applications. The R350 grant money will be protected by SASSA, and the organization is dedicated to giving its recipients a safe environment.

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