Scarlo and Vacation

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Scarlo and Vacation

Scarlo and Vacation :

Scarlo Stork who lived in Switzerland was packing his bags when Roberto Mouse came that way.

“Scarlo, where are you going” asked Roberto.

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“I am going to India for the vacations,” said Scarlo.

“I am coming too,” said Roberto.

“Alright,” Scarlo agreed.

So Roberto hopped on to Scarlo’s Back. Scarlo flew to India all the way from Swiss. After few months, they reached India.

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Roberto visited many places with Scarlo. Then, it was time to go back home.

“Roberto, It is time to go home,” Scarlo said to Roberto.

“Oh! I love this place very much. I am not coming. I am staying here itself,” replied Roberto.

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So, Roberto Mouse stayed in India. And Scarlo Stark went back to home.

Scarlo comes back every year to visit his friend in India. And he brings along many friends too.

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