Simple Steps To submit Website URL to Bing using Bing Webmasters Tools

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Simple Steps To submit Website URL to Bing using Bing Webmasters Tools

The most important step after you have created a website is to submit it to search engines.

This iwill help you in many ways, for example, it speeds up your website’s indexing process, shows organic search performance, mobile usability, crawl status, etc. It helps to improve your website’s SEO.

However, most webmasters prefer submitting their websites only to Google because Google brings most of the organic search traffic.

Why You Should Use Bing Webmaster Tools?

If you already submitted your site to Google, here are the reasons to also use Bing Webmaster Tools.
1. Bing is growing faster
2. Bing’s ranking algorithm is different than Google
3. Bing gets you additional traffic to your site
4. Bing offers more free SEO tools than Google

To submit a site to bing, if you already do not have one, you will need to login using your Windows LiveID or signup for one.

Next you need to go to Bing Webmaster Tools page to add your site.

When submitting your site, all you really need to do is add your url than click the submit site button

Now since you are submitting a blog, it is easier to add just the meta tag, copy and paste the meta tag right below your head tab and than save your template.

Once you click submit, you will see your blog in a list, click on the blog url and bing will than verify your URL.

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