TCU Postgraduate Admission Guidebooks 2022/2023 Academic Year

TCU Postgraduate Admission Guidebooks 2022/2023 Academic Year, Postgraduate Admission Guidebooks 2022/2023 Academic Year,Admission Guidebooks 2022/2023,Guidebooks


TCU Postgraduate Admission Guidebooks 2022/2023 Academic Year

TCU Postgraduate Admission Guidebooks 2022/2023 Academic Year

The Tanzania Commission for Universities through its mandate as spelt out under Section (5) (1) (c) (i) of the Universities Act, Cap. 346 of the Laws of Tanzania, read together with regulation 39 of the Universities
(General) Regulations, GN. No. 226 of 2013, coordinates admission of students into Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) within and outside the country. On this basis, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of
higher education is constantly improved at all levels including qualifications of students admitted into Universities’ Postgraduate programmes.

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The procedures for admission of students to Postgraduate programmes as spelt out under Regulation 36 of the Universities (General Regulations) G.N. No. 226 of 2013 requires every applicant for Postgraduate studies to apply for admission into the programme to the University of his/her choice using the prescribed procedures. In line with the cited Regulation, Standard 4.9 of the Standards and Guidelines for University Education in Tanzania, 2019 outlines the requirements for admission into Postgraduate programmes in Tanzania as well as the admission procedure that allows Universities to receive and process
applications, select and admit students into their institutions through their existing authorities. The standard directs further that all Universities admitting Postgraduate students shall submit lists of all applicants admitted into the various programmes to the Commission for verification and endorsement. To facilitate the admission process, this document has been prepared as a tool to guide Universities and the applicants on the admission
procedure and to enable TCU on the other hand to regulate the admission process. This Guidebook contains information on Postgraduate programmes approved to admit students in 2022/23 Admission Cycle including; the minimum entry requirements, programme admission capacities and duration of each programme.

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Postgraduate Admission Guidebook 16.9.2022

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