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The Best Google Chrome Extensions

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 Google Chrome is no doubt the fastest browser. But you can make it even better. Meet some of the best Google Chrome extensions to make your browsing experience even better.

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1. Grammarly: Correct spelling mistakes, grammatical and punctuation errors. You can also double click on an unfamiliar word to see its meaning or synonym. Works on the same window.

2. Project Naphtha: Copy-paste (or even edit) text within the photos.

3. Chrome remote desktop: Remotely control other computers or Android. But unlike TeamViewer, this does not require authorization.

4. uBlock Origin: Better alternative to Adblock or Adblock plus. It put less load on your computer memory.

5. ARC Welder Works like Android emulator. Lets you run Android apps (like Instagram or WhatsApp) on the computer. (Video)

Update: Google shut down this project. Arc Welder do not work like it used to be.

7. Be Limitless: Replace your new tab with a personalized dashboard that contains a high-resolution wallpaper, time, to do list and an inspiration quote. Also, tracks how much time you spend on each website.

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8. Pushbullet: See your phone notification on your computer. Also useful to send links, media, text from mobile to computers and vice versa. File size is limited to 25 MB for now.

9. Pocket: Save interesting articles on the web to read later. The smartphone app works offline as well.

10.Streak for Gmail: Find out if your send email was read or not. Though it’s not an official feature, it worked great in my testing.

11. One tab Lets you focus on your work, by suspending all the other open tabs. Also make the computing faster, as it saves huge system memory. To restore all the tabs, click on the one tab icon once again.

12. Streamus: No need to open if you only want to hear only music. With Streamus, you can stream YouTube’s videos on the same tab you are working on.

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Update: YouTube has shut it down

13 TunnelBear: Free VPN service to surf anonymously. You only get 500 MB data but compare to other alternatives, it’s safer.

14. Unseen: Block the ‘seen’ feature on Facebook and

15. AlienTube: Replaces YouTube comments with Reddit’s comments.

16. Panic Button: Quickly hide all the open tabs and replaced it pre-specified web page with a single click.

17. Fatkun: Batch download images from any web page. Also, support some advanced options like filter by resolution or links.

18. HoverReader: Preview the content of the link, without clicking on it. Useful if spend a lot of time on Reddit or reading on the web.

19. Disconnect: Block trackers and significantly boost your browsing speed by compressing the content.

20. Magic action for YouTube: All in one YouTube addon with many useful options like video loop, filter, cinema mode, auto HD etc.

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21. LastPass: A secure password manager that sync your login credentials across all device. Useful if you don’t like to remember passwords for multiple accounts. [Video Tutorial]

22. Https Everywhere: automatically open the https version of the website, whenever possible. Protects you from the man-in-the-middle attack. Use it while browsing  the web on public WiFi.

23. RES: It adds useful functionality (like keyboard shortcut, better layout) etc to Reddit interface. A must have extension if you use Reddit daily.

24. StayFocused: Blocked time wasting websites and help you to get more work done in less time. Highly configurable.

25. Off The Record History Can Save browsing history even in incognito mode for that particular session.

#25 Select Go: Automatically copy the selected text to your clipboard. Save time.

Extensive use of extensions can significantly slow down the browser. Enable only the one, you use every day.

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