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The Top 10 Health Insurance Plans in the United Kingdom 2022

The Top 10 Health Insurance Plans in the United Kingdom 2022

The United Kingdom has a high standard of living and excellent healthcare. Considering the cost of living in the country, it’s no wonder that the healthcare industry is booming. The top 10 health insurance plans in the UK offer competitive rates, comprehensive benefits and a range of options to help you find the plan that’s right for you. These plans are available from private insurers as well as government-run and third-party providers. They all aim to provide affordable, accessible and quality healthcare to their customer base. Whether you have routine doctor appointments or expensive medical procedures, it’s always worth having reliable medical insurance so that your expensive bills are covered. Get started with our list of the top 10 health insurance plans in the United Kingdom to find the right fit for you:

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United Kingdom Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plan

The United Kingdom Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plan is perhaps the most popular plan in the country. It’s available to both employer- and employee-sponsored coverages, as well as group term life insurance. The plan is run by a non-profit organization, so there are no premiums to pay and no restrictions on which insurance plans you can choose. This plan is also one of the most flexible plans available, so there’s plenty of choice when it comes to your coverage options. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide range of benefits, such as: – $1 million lifetime injury protection – $1 million for illness protection – $1 million for multiple sclerosis – $1 million for cancer – $1 million for heart disease – $1 million for stroke – $1 million for permanent partial vision – $1 million for permanent partial eyesight – $1 million for hearing aids – $1 million for lifetime related expenses – Vetting services for full-time employees – 10% discount on travel health insurance

United Kingdom Covered Europe PPO Plan

Covered Europe is another popular plan in the United Kingdom. Like the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, Covered Europe is also available to employee- and employer-sponsored plans. The coverage ranges from extremely cheap (No-Rise) to very comprehensive (Lifetime Basic). Because of the wide range of benefits available, it’s possible to find a plan that’s right for you. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide range of benefits, including: – $1 million for one person – $2 million for two people – $3 million for three people – $4 million for four people – $5 million for five people – $10 million for people over 50

United Kingdom Coventry Careplus PPO Plan

The Coventry Careplus PPO Plan is the only third-party PPO plan on our list. Unlike the other plans, this one is owned and operated by a for-profit company. The Coventry Careplus PPO Plan is not only one of the lowest-cost plans on the list, but it also offers some of the most comprehensive coverage. Like the Blue Cross Blue Shield and Covered Europe plans, this one is available to both employer- and employee-sponsored coverage. Depending on your needs and where you live, you can choose from a wide range of benefits, including: – $1 million for one person – $2 million for two people – $3 million for three people – $4 million for four people – $5 million for five people – $10 million for people over 50

United Kingdom Medallion Health PPO Plan

Medallion Health is the only third-party PPO on our list. Although it’s available to both employee- and employer-sponsored plans, the focus of the plan is on employee-only coverage. This plan is only available to people who work for a for-profit company. This plan is only available to people who work for a for-profit company. This plan is only available to people who work for a for-profit company. This plan is only available to people who work for a for-profit company.

United Kingdom Meridian Choice PPO Plan

Meridian Choice is the only PPO available to people who work for a third-party company. Although it offers some of the least comprehensive benefits, it’s still a great option for people who need limited coverage. This plan is only available to people who work for a for-profit company. This plan is only available to people who work for a for-profit company. This plan is only available to people who work for a for-profit company.

United Kingdom Everyone’s Health Card

The Everyone’s Health Card is the only government-run PPO plan on our list. Unlike the other plans, it’s available to everyone regardless of employment status. This plan is only available to people who are not covered by another plan. This plan is only available to people who are not covered by another plan. This plan is only available to people who are not covered by another plan.

Get Help Finding The Right Policy For You!

The United Kingdom has two health insurance plans: the Big five private healthcare providers and Everyone’s Health Card. There are a few factors that determine if you will or won’t be able to get insurance coverage through one of these plans. First, any person who is not self-employed can purchase the Everyone’s Health Card. This plan is only available to everyone regardless of employment status. Next, all insurance plans sold in the United Kingdom must be offered on the Everyone’s Health Card. Finally, the Big five healthcare providers only sell private plans. It is possible, however, to purchase private healthcare coverage through the Everyone’s Health Card. Get started with our overview of the top 10 health insurance plans in the United Kingdom to find the right plan for you!


We’ve compiled a list of the finest UK health insurance plans based on the most recent independent ratings and awards.

  • Aviva Healthcare
  • AXA PPP Healthcare
  • Bupa Healthcare (BBY Policy)
  • Freedom Healthnet
  • General Medical
  • Health-on-Line
  • The Exeter
  • Vitality Health
  • WPA
  • Saga

Why are these health insurance the best in 2022?

To make our list of the best health insurance, a company must provide a coverage that covers all of the following essential features:

Fees for hospitalization, including medications and surgery
Fees for consultants, such as anaesthetists
Tests for diagnosis
Cancer insurance

We think that these are the elements that most individuals search for when purchasing health insurance, and that they will be among the most frequent claims.

We chose each insurer based on the most comprehensive base cover policy available (excluding optional extras). Not all of the policies provided by the companies on our list will contain complete coverage for these benefits as standard, and they may be labeled differently, so make sure to compare plans carefully.

ActiveQuote provides free, regulated advice on health insurance coverage characteristics. They can recommend plans that will best fit your needs since they are regulated. Compare products and obtain health insurance advice on their website.

If you’re attempting to figure out which coverage is right for you, think about which features are most important to you and what extra advantages the provider could give. Someone under 30 may, for example, believe they have less need for comprehensive cancer coverage but are more interested in physiotherapy advantages.

However, there may be special perks or characteristics that individuals consider when shopping for health insurance that make certain providers more relevant to you. We built our ranking of the top health insurers on firms that give extensive coverage for the most regularly necessary treatments. Among them are:

Hospitals – A large number of the insurers on our list provide access to a countrywide network of private medical institutions. It may impact your selections if you reside near a hospital affiliated with a certain physician.
Access to a doctor through an app is becoming more common. It may let you schedule an appointment from the comfort of your own home, and the doctor may be able to prescribe remedies via the app. Seeing your doctor over the phone using an app is becoming more common. Virtual GP visits are available via apps from Aviva, Vitality Health, WPA, and The Exeter, so you don’t have to leave your house for a diagnosis.
Mental health coverage – Treating mental sickness is equally as vital as treating physical problems. Many insurance companies will pay for counseling for addiction and depression. On its comprehensive plan, AXA offers unlimited coverage for mental health care. Bupa provides mental health coverage for the rest of your family, including your children.


So, what exactly is health insurance?

One of the most significant insurance purchases a person or family will make is health insurance.

While the NHS offers free care, there may be long wait periods and the kinds of therapies accessible are restricted. Health insurance helps you to get timely, high-quality treatment at private hospitals and medical centers.

You pay a monthly or yearly cost for health insurance and submit claims for private treatment you get. Depending on your plan’s coverage, your insurance may pay part or all of the expenses of these therapies.

A private health insurance coverage may cover a wide range of medical diagnoses and treatments, both in and out of the hospital.

Check out our in-depth guides on the finest life insurance, income protection insurance, and dental coverage to learn more about health insurance.
How to Pick the Best Medical Insurance

In the United Kingdom, the private medical insurance industry is expanding as more individuals choose for health insurance for a number of reasons.

New products and health insurance firms are appearing, further complicating the confusing variety of choices. If you have any queries, ActiveQuote provides free regulated assistance. They’ll explain which health insurance coverage are suitable for you depending on your requirements.

Here are some helpful hints for finding the best health insurance quotation for you:
1. Make use of a comparison website.

A specialised health and life insurance comparison site, such as, may help you better grasp what’s included in all the plans accessible to you. You may look for specific features that are important to you, like as out-patient coverage, and compare the degree of coverage provided with the cost of your monthly premiums. That way, you’ll be able to choose an insurance that matches both your demands and your budget.
2. Instead than focusing on pricing, compare individual attributes.

In order to choose the finest health insurance for you, you must check for individual features and perks inside plans rather than just the total price and rating. When receiving a quotation for health insurance, adjust the coverage to your requirements and make sure it fits within your budget. You may do this by going straight to each provider or using ActiveQuote, which allows you to compare coverage from numerous brands at once.

You should consider if you wish to:

Access to more rapid diagnosis
Better or more convenient hospitals and treatments are available.
Coverage for certain diseases or medications
App for remote GP

Treatments or advice for mental health

The many forms of health insurance available in the United Kingdom

A private health insurance policy’s level of coverage varies based on your plan and the firm from whom you acquire it. The many kinds of policies offered are divided into the following categories:
Medical insurance purchased privately (comprehensive plan)

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Private medical insurance, often known as a ‘Comprehensive Plan’ in the United Kingdom, is a comprehensive health insurance coverage. Whether you’re an in-patient or not, these insurance may cover a variety of medical diagnoses and treatments. The extent of coverage varies by policy and provider, but they are usually the most comprehensive policies available.

With escalating healthcare prices, private medical insurance may be the most costly option. As policyholders become older, prices tend to climb; individuals in their forties and fifties will almost certainly pay more for their insurance than someone in their thirties with a comparable medical history.

Your rates will be affected by the amount of coverage you choose. The more extensive your coverage, whether monthly or yearly, the more you may anticipate to spend.
Cancer insurance

While private health insurance may seem to be out of reach for some, not having coverage for problems like cancer might be more expensive in the long term. Some insurance benefits, such as reimbursement for lost wages if you’re too unwell to work, are not available via the NHS.

While cancer coverage is often an add-on, some health insurance plans provide it as basic coverage. For example, all Vitality insurance include Advanced Cancer Cover, which covers all forms of cancer. It covers everything from radiation to chemotherapy to cancer surgery. It also excludes breast, bowel, and cervical cancer tests and risk assessments.

You may, on the other hand, get a separate cancer insurance coverage. Aviva’s Cancer Essentials plan begins at £1.18 per month and covers up to £100,000 in cancer medications that the NHS won’t cover due to cost. It also contains a monetary benefit, so if you’re diagnosed with cancer, you’ll receive a £5,000 lump payment to help with your financial worries.

Read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that the meaning of “being diagnosed” with an illness is clear, since this will determine whether or not the insurance will pay out.

The Cash Plan is another sort of UK health insurance. It’s designed for low-cost health-care charges that must be paid on a regular basis, such as paying for opticians, chiropodists, and physiotherapists. As a consequence, it’s critical to think about it independently from health insurance or private medical insurance.

Many cash plans, on the other hand, work on a percentage payback system, which means that instead of paying the whole amount, they only pay a proportion (typically 50 percent or 75 percent) of the expenses spent.

Depending on the policy you pick, cash plans often restrict you to claiming a particular amount of money every year for each of the agreed-upon areas of treatment. A comprehensive private health insurance coverage, on the other hand, may have a greater payment limit — or maybe none at all.

Consider that many significant hospital procedures covered by a comprehensive private medical insurance policy are not covered at all by cash plans when selecting which form of health insurance coverage is appropriate for you.
In the United Kingdom, how much does health insurance cost?

The cost of private medical insurance is determined by a number of criteria related to your individual circumstances.

Your premiums are influenced by two factors: your age and your location. Some parts of the United Kingdom have longer life expectancies and greater access to inexpensive healthcare. When health insurers compute your premium based on your specific circumstances and the amount of coverage you choose, they provide you with an estimate for health insurance.

It’s difficult to provide a precise ‘cost’ of private health insurance since there are so many variables at play. A young person in a cheaper postcode may get limited coverage for about £20 per month, but a person in their 50s living in central London who needs complete coverage can easily spend over £100 per month.

In our piece on the expenses of private healthcare, we looked at the pricing of health insurance premiums.

Using ActiveQuote, a health insurance price comparison service, you may compare health insurance quotes online from different carriers in minutes for your specific circumstances. You may even use it to call for free expert guidance.
Pre-existing conditions and private health insurance

Health insurance do not cover many pre-existing diseases. The insurer’s terms and the underwriting technique you pick will determine how these situations are handled. If you have pre-existing medical issues, see our guide on pre-existing medical conditions and health insurance. Pre-existing conditions may be something you need to consider as you become older.

Some insurers will exclude a list of pre-existing conditions from their regular coverage. Chronic diseases (long-term health disorders that need continuing treatment and monitoring), such as diabetes and hypertension, as well as non-medically required operations like cosmetic surgery, fall under this category. Check your insurance language to understand the exclusions, or ask ActiveQuote for advice on what each provider covers and what they don’t.

You have various underwriting alternatives to pick from before getting a quotation. If you have any pre-existing conditions that aren’t on the exclusion list, the various choices will affect how they are addressed in the future.
Different kinds of private health insurance

The most typical underwriting options for private health insurance plans are outlined here.
Complete medical coverage

In complete medical underwriting, insurers get your medical history and thoroughly examine your circumstances in order to determine a personalized pricing and coverage terms.

You should read these terms carefully since they may opt to totally exclude a pre-existing disease, exclude it for a certain length of time after which it is covered (assuming no symptoms in the meantime), or include it.

There is no need to provide any medical information or history with moratorium underwriting.

In most cases, the conditions say that you will not be covered for any medical condition that you have had in the previous five years, and that this will be the case for the first two years of the policy. If you have no pre-existing conditions for the first two years, you will be covered for all ailments in the third year.

The Moratorium period may be continued over rather than beginning over if you transfer health insurers. If you do file a claim, the insurer will almost certainly want information about your medical history to ensure that the claim isn’t related to a pre-existing condition.
Coverage continues

Some insurers will accept a continuation of coverage, which entails copying all of your current policy’s exclusions from another provider. There may be some discrepancies in terminology in this scenario, so be sure there are no significant variances before making a transition.
Selecting the Best Cover for You

The coverage you choose is determined by a variety of personal factors as well as the rates available. Some people will benefit from the lengthier, more invasive Full Medical Underwriting procedure since it clarifies what will and will not be covered before they purchase.

Others prefer the ease of the Moratorium procedure when purchasing insurance and take the risk that their claim will be denied if their medical history reveals it was or is connected to an illness that existed prior to purchasing the policy.

Several insurers only provide Moratorium underwriting when you purchase online. This is due to the fact that the Full Medical Underwriting procedure requires a detailed discussion of your medical history, which is best done over the phone or using specific forms. If you want Full Medical Underwriting, you should contact insurers directly to have a clear picture of what a tailored insurance will entail for you.
Is it possible to receive dental health insurance?

Dental problems are often left out of UK health insurance packages. However, depending on the provider and the dental procedure in issue, there are several exclusions and methods that dental coverage may be covered.

If dental coverage is essential to you, you should compare dental insurance options. Bupa, for example, does not include dental coverage in its health insurance policy; instead, it sells a separate dental product that may be purchased separately from health insurance.
What is covered by Dental Health Insurance?

The following are commonly covered by dental health insurance:

Oral surgery – Coverage for more complex dental operations that your dentist has sent you to a hospital for. This covers procedures such as tooth extraction and reconstruction. Aviva, for example, provides up to £600 in coverage for dental care after an accident as an optional add-on. Optional insurance for major dental treatment up to £2,500 as well as up to 80% of fillings, crowns, and implants up to £400 is available via Vitality. Please be aware that procedures performed by your dentist may not be covered.
Routine dental care includes things like check-ups and thorough cleanings at your dentist’s office; basically, it’s everything that can be done at your dentist’s office. With a £50 excess, Aviva provides £250 coverage for standard dental services.

These are only a few of the policies that are offered. Always read the terms and conditions of your insurance to ensure that you are aware of the coverage you are purchasing. You may use to compare the levels of dental coverage for various insurance.

Check out our list of the top dental insurance plans.
Can I acquire foreign or expat health insurance?

Most UK firms will not pay any treatment expenses paid outside the UK under a normal health insurance policy. As a result, frequent travelers, expatriates, and individuals going overseas for lengthy periods of time may need to consider other solutions.

Insurance companies that give worldwide coverage

AXA — Offers non-UK citizens optional foreign health insurance. Covers travel to and from the hospital (including foreign flights) as well as consulting expenses for second views.
Even in the United States, Bupa covers emergency health treatments with no overall yearly limit on the majority of qualified medical charges and no excess to pay on medical insurance. Many pre-existing medical problems are also covered.
Freedom – Covers medical care for urgent diseases requiring hospitalization, whether as an inpatient or day patient. Surgery, cancer therapy, and medical evacuation are all covered. Pre-existing medical issues, however, are not covered.

A travel insurance coverage is not the same as international health insurance, which is geared for shorter travels rather than living abroad. Make certain you know which coverage is best for you.

ActiveQuote can provide you with expert information and quotations for foreign health insurance.

Our guide to medical travel insurance also includes tips on how to get the correct policy for you.
Insurance coverage during pregnancy

Pregnancy is often seen as “not a disease” by health insurance companies, which, although legally accurate, is unsettling for expectant moms and dads. As a consequence, health insurance policy documentation relating to pregnancy might be imprecise or unclear, stating that “normal” pregnancy is not covered.

The good news is that certain insurance companies will cover some pregnancy-related problems.
Insurance companies that cover issues during pregnancy


While AXA excludes typical pregnancy therapy, it does cover medical issues that arise during the pregnancy. It also lists a number of diseases that would be covered under its policy guidelines, including as the expenses of treating ectopic pregnancies, retained placentas, and miscarriages that need emergency surgical treatment.


Even though Aviva does not cover basic treatments, insurance will cover certain pregnancy problems. Ectopic pregnancies, retained placentas, and caesarean procedures under certain clinical situations are among them (decided on a case-by-case basis). Aviva will pay therapy for postnatal depression if you have mental health coverage on your insurance.

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Healthnet Freedom

The Freedom Elite plan includes coverage for pregnancy problems. Whether you’re an inpatient or a day patient, this includes complete coverage for specialist and hospital expenses. It also gives a maternity cash benefit of £150 per child born (if you’ve had the Freedom Elite plan for at least 10 months previous to the delivery).


Vitality claims that their main health insurance policy includes coverage for pregnancy problems. This comprises:

Ectopic conception
Abortion missed
Haemorrhage after childbirth may compare these and other characteristics among providers and insurance levels.

Our guide to travel insurance for medical problems includes information on how to secure coverage, or read our in-depth article on pregnancy and health insurance for more information.
Is cosmetic surgery covered by health insurance?

While many insurance may pay what they consider “reconstructive surgery,” aesthetic surgery is typically not covered.

AXA recognizes this difference and is delighted to cover ‘initial reconstructive surgery,’ which is plastic surgery required as a consequence of an accident or surgery for a covered medical condition. It states that any therapy related to the reconstruction would not be covered. It further indicates that cosmetic surgery and problems related to past cosmetic operations are not covered.
Is complementary therapy covered by health insurance?

Health insurers frequently classify complementary treatments as a separate category. They usually include the following:

Chiropractic therapy
dietary assistance
Physiotherapy (physical therapy) (some insurers define this as complementary, while others deem it necessary)

Complementary treatments are often available as an add-on to health insurance coverage.
Complementary and alternative medicine insurance providers


Out-patient treatment expenses for complementary treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, and acupuncture are covered by AXA. You must add the ‘Therapies’ option to your coverage, which will provide you access to a maximum of 10 GP-recommended visits per year.


Alternative treatments are covered as an optional add-on to Aviva’s main health insurance coverage. It covers physiotherapy, osteopathy, and chiropractic for up to 10 sessions per problem when referred by a professional.


You may add ‘Therapies’ Cover to your normal health insurance policy with Vitality. You’ll be covered for osteopathy, chiropractic therapy, podiatry, acupuncture, and homoeopathy, as well as two dietician consultations after a reference from your doctor or consultant.

Using, you may compare complementary treatment levels and premiums among providers and insurance levels.
Is ‘unlimited’ insurance coverage really limitless?

The sums insured are frequently described as ‘unlimited’ or equivalent in the highest levels of coverage given by various plans. This language conveys reassurance that your coverage will apply regardless of the cost.

In reality, though, certain aspects of your policy may indicate that this isn’t the case.

Companies will point out certain limitations to limitless coverage when you acquire a quotation. While you may have limitless coverage for treatments at one hospital, you may not be covered if you need to be moved to another or if you want to have specific treatments elsewhere.

In actuality, consultants are theoretically allowed to set their own rates, so you may not be able to claim the whole amount if they charge more than your insurer’s permitted rate. This isn’t usually an issue since many physicians charge the permitted fees. However, depending on your position or region, there may be no choice at the allowed prices, leaving you out of pocket.

It’s also important to remember that an operation requires more than one worker. Anaesthetists, for example, are just as important to an operation as surgeons, and you’ll have to pay their costs as well.

Customer reviews might assist you figure out how extensive your coverage is in actuality. It’s worth reading through a couple of the negative reviews (if any exist), since they frequently pertain to a circumstance where the client expected to be compensated but was not.
What are the largest health insurance firms in the United Kingdom?

The UK health insurance market is dominated by four businesses. This section provides a high-level overview of the four largest UK health insurers, as well as a fifth.

PruHealth was the previous name for Vitality. It seeks to keep its clients healthy by providing a variety of health and leisure incentives and discounts. It has made a significant marketing effort in recent years, with celebrities like Jessica Ennis-Hill fronting advertisements.

Read the rest of our review here.

Bupa is a health insurance behemoth. It was founded two years before the NHS and now operates a number of hospitals, care homes, and dentistry clinics around the United Kingdom. It provides private treatment to individuals and via benefit plans offered by select businesses.

Read the rest of our review here.

Aviva, formerly known as Norwich Union, is the largest insurance in the United Kingdom. Its history spans more than 300 years, and it handles millions of claims annually all across the globe.

Read the rest of our review here.

AXA was founded in 1940 and has grown to become one of the largest health insurance companies in the United Kingdom. At the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2018, AXA was voted Health Insurance Provider of the Year.

Read the rest of our review here.
Examining health insurance

Find out more about the finest health insurance in the UK in the sections below.
Review of Vitality Health Insurance

In the UK health insurance industry, Vitality offers a one-of-a-kind product. The company’s healthcare package includes a variety of discounts and incentives for participating in healthy activities. It is their view that if you live a better lifestyle, you will need to claim less.

It employs technology to measure your healthy activity and pays you for it. It uses fitness trackers and smartphone applications to obtain real-time fitness updates and compensates you appropriately. When you buy a qualifying health insurance or life insurance plan from Vitality, you can even get a discount on an Apple Watch. That means you can get an Apple Watch Series 7 for £27 and pay nothing extra for the next 36 months if you earn 160 activity points per month (correct as of February 2022).

The Core Cover health insurance plan from Vitality includes:

In-patient and out-patient treatments are available.
Fees for consultants
Surgical operations performed on an outpatient basis
Cancer Insurance (with no limits on selected therapies)
Complications of pregnancy
Surgical weight loss
Talking treatments

To acquire the best insurance for you, you may customize your coverage with extra choices. You may add the following extras:

You wish to be covered at a different hospital.
Coverage for outpatients (for consultations and diagnostics),
Therapies include
Coverage for mental health

Some standard treatments and conditions are not covered by Vitality. Any regular monitoring and treatment of a long-term condition (e.g., diabetes), emergency treatments, visits to your doctor, organ transplants, and any experimental treatments fall into this category (i.e. those that are unproven or unregistered).

If you keep up healthy habits, you’ll get cashback and discounts from health brands and shops to help you engage with your health. You can earn points by engaging in healthy activities such as eating well and walking 10,000 steps every day. When you have enough points, you can redeem them for items such as:

Coffee is free at participating businesses.
Prime subscriptions on Amazon
Health-screening discounts
Discount on gym membership
Tickets to the movies on a monthly basis

Vitality offers an online health insurance quotation on their website and over the phone. Compare Vitality insurance to the market at to determine whether they’re suited for you.

The health insurance offered by Vitality is competitive with the finest on the market. It has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, based on more than 24,000 reviews (correct as of Febraury 2022). Customers praise the company’s market-leading rewards program and responsive customer service team.
Review of Bupa Health Insurance

In the United Kingdom, Bupa sells the most health insurance policies. Its cover range has been reduced to two levels.

Comprehensive insurance is Bupa’s highest level of coverage. This includes consultations, PET, MRI, CT scans, and other diagnostic tests, as well as treatments (including hospital and out-patient treatments as well as mental health therapies).
Treatment and Care – You might be diagnosed by the NHS and then undergo private treatment. It also has two degrees of cancer protection.

In comparison to other providers, Bupa’s insurance feature fewer possibilities. It just asks you to choose the levels of outpatient and cancer coverage you want, as well as the amount of excess coverage you desire.

Bupa’s market-leading position includes ownership of hospitals, care homes, and dentistry clinics, allowing them to better understand and serve clients’ health requirements. Bupa has an amazing 4.4 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, based on more than 13,000 reviews (correct as of February 2022). While some customers praised Bupa for its wide range of hospitals and top-notch amenities, others chastised it for its lack of transparency and sudden changes in coverage.

Using the comparison site, you can check how it compares to other suppliers.

You may also read our comprehensive BUPA Health Insurance review for additional details.
Review of AXA PPP Healthcare

AXA is the UK’s second-largest health insurance company and Bupa’s primary rival, with a worldwide market capitalization of $64.8 billion.

Personal Health is AXA’s primary private health insurance plan. Its advantages include:

When you add an outpatient option to your plan, you may use AXA’s Fast Track Appointments service, which gives you access to experts and approved treatment.
Access to the most recent authorized cancer treatments (even if they aren’t on the NHS)
Over 250 hospitals and thousands of experts are included in this database.
Health at Hand is a 24-hour hotline staffed by nurses and therapists.
Family members’ health insurance (including free cover for new-borns)
Full Cancer Protection
Tests for diagnosis
Surgical operations

One of the benefits of choosing AXA is that fees from specialists on its ‘fee approved’ list have no yearly limit. That means you may get as much therapy as you need without worrying about exceeding your treatment budget.

You may add a variety of optional extras to AXA’s Personal Health plan, including:

Add mental health coverage to your insurance to get access to in-patient, out-patient, and day-patient mental health therapy. This covers mental care, including lodging, diagnostic testing, and medications.
Cashback for Dentists and Opticians – Get money back when you pay for dental and optician services. It also provides a £25 annual discount on eye exams.
Outpatient therapy, diagnostic tests, and CT, MRI, and PET scans are all covered.
Outpatient treatment expenses with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncturist, or homoeopath are covered by therapies.

The amount of excess you pick (£0, £100, £250, or £500) and whether or not you choose AXA’s ‘6-week rule’ are two more factors that determine your coverage and pricing.

This 6-week regulation is designed to enable you to get private care when NHS wait times are lengthy, but to prevent you from filing a claim when the NHS wait list is short. If you choose the 6-week rule, you must consent to NHS treatment within 6 weeks after receiving your diagnosis. If you can be treated on the NHS within this time frame, you must do so; private care is not covered. You are covered for private treatment if the NHS waiting list is more than 6 weeks.

If you use the 6-weeks rule, your premium will be reduced since you may access NHS care in certain situations. It’s identical to Saga’s 4-week option; AXA is Saga’s health insurance underwriter, so there’s no surprise that their policies are similar.

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You can also read our comprehensive AXA Health Insurance review for more details.

At, you may compare AXA to Bupa and other insurers.
Review of Aviva Health Insurance

With approximately 18 million clients as of February 2022, Aviva is the biggest insurance in the United Kingdom. It includes a wide range of goods, including health insurance, vehicle, house, and business insurance.

The main health insurance plan from Aviva covers a broad range of diseases and ailments, including:

Acute diseases, such as viruses and infections, are short-term illnesses or injuries that are quickly cured.
Cancer care – Aviva’s ‘Cancer Pledge’ includes coverage for cancer diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare.
Diagnostic testing (such as X-rays and scans), specialized treatment, and aftercare are all covered by hospital and specialist costs.
Out-patient consultations – Everything covered by hospital costs, including out-patient consultations.

When you pick Aviva’s Expert Select or Hospital Options packages, you’ll have access to hundreds of private hospitals and institutions throughout the UK.

You may add a variety of extra coverage choices to your insurance, including:

Dental and vision coverage
Treatments for mental illness
A long list of hospitals (namely, more hospitals available in the Greater London area)
Additional procedures and treatments (including physiotherapy and osteopathy)

However, an Aviva insurance has certain noticeable exclusions. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, and asthma are not covered by Aviva (with the notable exception that it will cover cancer treatments). It usually excludes any pre-existing medical illnesses; if you choose Moratorium underwriting, Aviva will inquire about any ailments you’ve had in the last five years. Some pregnancy issues will be covered, but not typical pregnancy and birthing therapy.

Aviva’s health insurance services have earned several honors. At the Health Insurance & Protection Awards in 2020, it was recognized “Health Insurance & Protection Company of the Year” and “Best Individual PMI Provider.” Aviva Insurance is rated 4.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot based on over 20,000 reviews; however, this rating is for all of Aviva’s insurance solutions (true as of February 2022).

Aviva provides private health insurance estimates over the phone and on its website. You may also use to compare their plans to the rest of the UK market.

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Review of Saga Health Insurance

Saga health insurance is aimed at those over the age of 50 and provides a selection of featured health insurance packages that cover a variety of conditions.

Saga offers four different health plans:

Saga’s most comprehensive coverage, which covers both in-patient and out-patient care as well as diagnostic treatments. It covers limitless expert consultations and physiotherapy fees, for example. Only Super members are eligible for major dental cash benefits for certain dental operations, as well as a dental injury benefit.
Secure – In addition to in-patient and out-patient therapies, Secure covers out-patient CT, MRI, and PET scans in full. It also includes perks such as £2,000 in outpatient visits and an additional £400 in post-operative therapy.
Saver Plus – A less expensive alternative to Super and Secure that nevertheless provides some valuable features. Up to £1,000 in out-patient therapy is included, as well as coverage for one out-patient scan and unlimited scans after approved in-patient or day-patient treatments (within 8 months).
Support — Includes fast treatment, a choice of private UK hospitals from our vast list, and access to the Saga GP Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To keep rates low, Saga’s most cheap plan excludes out-patient coverage and solely covers surgical components of cancer treatment.

Saga offers a variety of alternatives for reducing coverage and lowering premiums, as well as paying more for extra coverage. Extended Cancer Cover, several degrees of Excess, and coverage for hypertension are among them.

Saga’s ‘4-week delay’ option is a unique feature. This lowers your premium, but in exchange, you must accept NHS care if it is offered within four weeks of your diagnosis. This is meant to be a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of quick care when you need it while avoiding spending more when you don’t. Saga’s website has the complete terms and conditions for these alternatives.

AXA is Saga’s health insurance underwriter. This arrangement combines AXA’s underwriting expertise with Saga’s concentration on the over 50’s market, and Saga’s products are tailored to persons over 50.

Visit Saga’s website to discover more about their health insurance options.

Saga isn’t included on comparison sites, but it’s always a good idea to browse around. allows you to compare a variety of alternative health insurance products. It lets you compare prices and covers to see how they compare to Saga’s own offering.

Saga has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on the reviewing website Trustpilot, with an overall rating of “Excellent” based on over 29,000 reviews (correct as of February 2022). This, however, applies to all of Sage’s insurance products and is not limited to its health insurance.
Review of Freedom Health Insurance

Freedom was founded in 2003 and is an award-winning private medical insurance. It aspires to provide great customer service while providing simple, versatile goods at affordable costs.

There are two basic bundles available from Freedom:

Freedom’s most complete policy is Elite. In-patient and day-patient expenses for qualified hospitals, specialists, and diagnostic tests are fully covered. Dental surgery, diagnostic imaging, cancer coverage, and pregnancy issues are all covered.
Essentials – A less expensive option to Elite that provides a set cash benefit rather than directly paying your hospital. You’ll be paid a lump payment for a claim with Freedom Essentials, which you may use to pay for private treatment in the UK or overseas. If you choose to obtain your treatment via the NHS, you will still receive 50% of the cash benefit to spend as you like.

While the Essentials package’s breadth of options is appealing, the negative is that, unlike other health insurance, they will not cover the cost if it exceeds the cash amount you pay up front. Even though Freedom strives to offer quantities that are appropriate for each therapy, you may discover that the money is inadequate if your disease turns out to be particularly difficult.

On Feefo, Freedom Health Insurance has a 4.5 out of 5 rating based on over 100 reviews (true as of February 2022).

Read our Freedom Health Insurance review for more information.
Review of the Permanent Health Company

The Permanent Health Company (PHC) has been providing UK Private Medical Insurance since 1994, and is maybe less well-known than the other names on our list. AXA PPP underwrites its insurance, so although you may not recognize the firm you’re purchasing from, it’s a large brand behind the scenes.

The aim of the Permanent Health Company was to provide a straightforward product that would cut through the complexities of the UK health insurance industry.

PHC provides four insurance policies with varying levels of coverage:

PHC’s greatest level of coverage is Plan 1. It covers both in-patients and out-patients with full coverage. Private ambulance rides, home care, and complete coverage for some treatments are among the additional features (including physiotherapy). It also has a newborn benefit.
Plan 2 – Provides the same advantages as Plan 1, but with a combined annual maximum for complementary treatments of up to £1,500. The newborn benefit is not included.
Plan 3 – Covers in-patient benefits completely. Outpatient CT, MRI, and PET scans, as well as radiation and chemotherapy, are covered. There is a £1,000 restriction on therapy.
Plan 4 – Covers a variety of in-patient and out-patient therapies. Outpatient therapy is restricted to two visits per year, with further treatments costing £500.

With the exception of Plan 4, all of PHC’s plans may be customized with extra features like psychiatric coverage and cheaper rates if you choose the NHS 6-week wait option.

Customers may also choose from a variety of hospitals to be covered by PHC. The national directory is the most basic service, giving you access to 480 hospitals throughout the United Kingdom. You may upgrade to the London upgrade, which grants you access to more hospitals in the Greater London Area. Alternatively, you may use PHC’s Specified Hospital List, which includes Spire Healthcare and Ramsay Health Care UK, two of the country’s major private hospital networks.

You may customize your PHC insurance even further by choosing the amount of excess you wish to pay. Excess choices vary from £100 to £2,500, and the bigger the excess you choose, the lower your rates will be.

The Permanent Health Company distributes its products directly on its website and over the phone. Using, you may compare its policies and rates to the market to locate your personal ‘best purchase.’

There are no consumer reviews on Trustpilot or Feefo for the PHC (correct as of Febraury 2022).
Review of Medical Health Insurance in General

General & Medical was founded to provide health insurance to medical professionals. It has four basic insurance levels, plus choices for in-patient psychiatric treatment and international travel, so you should be able to pick a policy that meets your requirements. These are the details:

Essentials – A cost-effective healthcare plan that covers in-patient treatment, scans, consultations, and surgery admission to private hospitals.
Everyday – A more extensive level of coverage than Essentials, with out-patient coverage, cancer treatments, and cardiovascular conditions covered.
Lifestyle — Comprehensive coverage for all hospital admissions, with additional out-patient benefits, heart-disease care, and a 24-hour GP advice hotline.
Elite — General & Medicine’s most expensive private health insurance plan. All of the benefits of the previous tiers are included, as well as dental, private maternity, non-UK medical coverage, and optical services.

Furthermore, General Medical offers a unique alternative that enables you to acquire coverage for a pre-existing ailment, such as diabetes or hypertension, which practically other medical plans exclude.

In the first year, the insurance has a low limit on claims related to the condition, which rises each year you stay claim-free. This may be appealing to folks who have previously uncontrolled medical issues.

Find out how persons with pre-existing medical issues may receive health insurance.

Alternatively, you may use’s pricing and feature comparison tool to compare all of these suppliers.

General & Medical Healthcare has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, with an overall rating of “Great” based on over 140 reviews (correct as of February 2022).
Health Insurance Review by the HMCA (Hospital and Medical Care Association)

For members of trade, professional, and membership organisations, HMCA provides a variety of health and other insurance products. The Care Insurance Company Ltd, Gibraltar, handles its health insurance.

HMCA offers three types of private medical insurance:

Medical Care Plan – Covers out-patient and in-patient treatments, even if you’re traveling overseas. This is the HMCA’s more thorough coverage.
Medical Saver Plan – Provides coverage for in-patient therapy as well as treatment overseas.
The Medical Starter Plan is the most economical plan offered by HMCA. In the United Kingdom, it solely covers in-patient treatments.

Any of HMCA’s medical care plans have no excess or age limitations.

Some items are not covered by the HMCA. Emergency admissions to A&E, radiation or chemotherapy, and long-term sickness treatment are all examples. Its proposals, on the other hand, include monetary payments for radiation or chemotherapy, as well as for each night spent as an NHS patient. Cash plans, dental coverage, and income protection are also available.

To get a price, complete an online form on the HMCA website, and they will contact you to discuss your alternatives.

On Trustpilot, HMCA received a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and was rated “Excellent” overall. On the consumer reviewer site, however, it has fewer than 100 reviews (correct as of February 2022).
The best medical insurance

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