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The Wise Dog

The Wise Dog

The Wise Dog :

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One day nine dogs went out to hunt. They met a lion. He said “I am hunting too. I am very, very hungry. Let us hunt together.”

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So the dogs and the lion hunted together all day.

They caught ten antelopes.

Then the lion said” Now we must divide this meat.”

One of the dogs said “Why, that’s easy. We are ten, and we have ten antelopes. So, each of us will have one antelope.”

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The lion became very angry. He hit the poor dog and blinded him. The other dogs did not say a word. But then one of the dogs said, “Our brother was wrong. We must give nine antelopes to King Lion. Then they will be ten together. And we dogs shall take one antelope and we shall also be ten together.”

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The lion liked his answer and asked the dog “Who taught you to divide like this? You are a wise dog.”

The dog answered “Oh, King Lion, you hit our brother and blinded him. That blind brother taught me, King Lion!”

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