UNDP launches new programme to address the socio-economic impact on Ukraine caused by the war

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A strong focus on resilience building and recovery will help respond to the multiple dimensions of the crisis and preserve Ukraine’s hard-won development gains.

11 April 2022, New York – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has announced its new support programme to meet the needs of millions of people in Ukraine over the next two years.

“The war in Ukraine continues to inflict immense human suffering and early estimates project that close to two decades of socio-economic progress could be lost if the war continues — with 9 out of 10 people at risk of falling into poverty,” said Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator. “As part of a coordinated UN response, UNDP has an unwavering commitment to stay and deliver for the people of Ukraine — that includes supporting the Government to sustain essential governance structures for emergency response management, deliver vital public services, and protect livelihoods.”

Preventing deep-set reversals in development progress is why UNDP has launched a comprehensive programme to support the Government of Ukraine and UN-led humanitarian and crisis response. “It’s vital that UNDP continues to deliver alongside our UN sister agencies and humanitarian partners,” Steiner said. “The country needs immediate humanitarian assistance, but we also need to keep the local economies going – this is fundamental to ensure that people still have livelihoods.”

The new UNDP programme is informed by early socio-economic assessments and is built around three pillars:

  1. supporting the Government-led crisis response and public service delivery,
  2. leveraging Ukraine’s human capital, economic capacities and natural resources to meet immediate humanitarian needs and strengthen resilience, social and economic recovery, and
  3. strengthening institutions and civil society to maintain the social fabric, uphold human rights and ensure inclusion, protection and empowerment of all people.

UNDP focuses particularly on the most vulnerable and on ensuring women and girls’ equitable access to basic needs and livelihood support; including skills development, business support, and helping to build women’s access to finance, networks and markets. Addressing the increased vulnerability of women to violence, including conflict-related sexual violence, is a priority. UNDP is also engaging local institutions and civil society in the response efforts at community level.

The foundations for UNDP’s scaled-up programme of support now and over a longer period are already in place, with UNDP leveraging its longstanding and extensive field presence in Ukraine, which it has maintained despite the ongoing war, and its extensive partnership network in the country.

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