UNEB PLE Results 2022/2023 Get Uganda PLE Results Online

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Find here in the UNEB PLE results in Uganda 2022/2023, UNEB PLE Results 2022/2023 Get Uganda PLE Results Online, Uganda UNEB PLE Results 2022 | 2023

UNEB PLE Results 2022/2023 Get Uganda PLE Results Online

UNEB PLE Results 2022/2023 Get Uganda PLE Results Online

UNEB PLE Results 2022/2023 Get Uganda PLE Results Online

Check out the complete details about the Uganda UNEB PLE results 2022/2023!! What are you waiting for now that we have provided vital information about Uganda UNEB PLE results 2022/2023? Get Uganda UNEB PLE results 2022/2023 details as soon as feasible.

The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has released the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) Results, which have been published online. Check out the UNEB PLE 2022/2023 results below. According to Permanent Secretary of Education Alex Kakooza, the national examination body will decide on the date of publication this week.


UNEB PLE results 2022/2023: Students who took this exam can view their results by name and examination number. Candidates can get the results via the official Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) website as well as the link provided in this post.


Mrs Kalule stated that candidates, parents, and other interested parties can use Short Message Services (SMS) on mobile telecom networks to rapidly receive candidate results on their mobile phones.

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UNEB e-Services Portal

How do I check PLE Results 2022 Through phone ?

In a few easy steps, you can obtain the 2022/2023 PLE Results 2022 for any candidate.

Type PLE INDEX NUMBER in your message box and send it to 6600.

For instance, enter the text PLE 654321/001 AND SEND TO 6600 in your message box to check the results of the applicant with the index number 654321/001.

You will pay UGX 500 each candidate to receive an SMS.

In order to allow schools to get the results as soon as they are formally available, results will be uploaded on the examination center portals for School Administrations.

Mrs. Kalule stated that there won’t be any physical copies of the results available at the UNEB offices until later, when the circumstances permit.


How to Check UNEB PLE Results 2022/2023 Online  :

  1. Please go to https://ereg.uneb.ac.ug/resultsto access the UNEB eReg Portal. PLE Results 2022
  2. Your Index Number should be entered on the Results Page.
  3. On the following page, click Search and wait for your results to appear.


Register to Request UNEB eRESULTS



How to use SMS to check UNEB PLE  2022 results

To achieve this, just send a short SMS message to 6600.

  1. Go to messages on your phone and enter PLE with a space for the P7 UNEB PLE Results. Send the index number, for example, PLE 000001/001, to 6600.
  2. Go to messages on your phone and enter UCE followed by a space for the S4 UNEB UCE Results. Send the index number to 6600, for instance: UCE U0001/001.
  3. Go to messages on your phone and enter UACE with a space for the S6 UNEB UACE Results. Send the index number, for example, UACE U0001/501, to 6600.
  4. Go to messages on your phone and type TECH space> to get the Technical Institute findings. Send the index number to 6600, for example, TECH UT002/0001.
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Note: Each SMS you send using this service will cost you 500 Ush. The specifics of your exam results will then be sent to you quickly.

If you passed the UNEB exam for 2021–2022, congratulations. Additionally, often check this website for UNEB updates.

You can reach the UNEB by going to the organization’s official website at https://uneb.ac.ug for further details and enquiries.

Type PLE <space> Index no.
♠ Send to 6600. For example PLE 003400/001 and send to 6600.
♠ Each SMS costs 500/-
Congratulations if you made your 2022/2023 UNEB Results. Also, check this site frequently for UNEB Updates. For more information and inquiries, you can contact the UNEB by visiting the institution’s official website: https://uneb.ac.ug

When Will PLE Results 2022 Be Out?

As schools throughout the nation get ready to open for the new academic year 2023, the head of the Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) has disclosed that the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) will be released the following week.

The marking of the PLE and Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) tests ended before Christmas, according to Mr. Daniel Odongo, executive director of Uneb, who testified yesterday before the Parliamentary Education Committee.

“A total of 5,544 examiners marked the PLE tests at 13 centers. Exam marking for the UCE has likewise come to an end, according to Mr. Odongo.

Before releasing them sequentially, he said, “We are finishing up a few things at the headquarters in Ntinda, Kampala.

To defend their budget framework paper for the Financial Year 2023–2024, the team was testifying before Parliament.

832,839 candidates in all took the PLE exam.

Mr. Odongo said the internal examinations security committee is meeting today to review the results for candidates suspected of engaging in malpractices in an interview with the Monitor following the meeting.

Before exam results are made public, the committee will decide which results to withhold, according to him.

“The gathering will last for three to four days and will begin today. We can take those out of our results and be prepared to reveal them once that meeting is concluded, Mr. Odongo added.

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Mr. Odongo added that the board will ask the minister for a position following the security meeting before exams were made public. The examinations should be released at the end of the following week, Mr. Odongo stated, if we are successful in getting her appointment.

Like usual, Uneb is required to inform the Minister of Education of the students’ performances two days before the results are made public.

The minister will meet with the Uneb team next week, according to sources at the Ministry of Education, so that tests can be made available before the start of the 2023 academic years first term on February 6.

The selecting process will start after the results are announced. The Senior One selection process is often held at UMA, where schools choose applicants for their different programs based on predetermined cut-off points.

UACE development

Mr. Odongo informed the MPs that the marking process for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) is now under progress.

With the arrival of examiners at various marking centers, Mr. Odongo said that the marking of UACE exams had just begun.

The UNEB  Board Report

This Friday, January 27, 2023, the Board will announce the outcomes of the 2022 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE). The First Lady and Minister for Education and Sports, Mama Janet K. Museveni, will preside over the momentous event at State House, Nakasero, beginning at 11:00 AM. All public radio and television stations, as well as the UNEB social media accounts (@UNEB UG), will broadcast the event live.

The first lady and minister for education and sports, Mama Janet K. Museveni, spoke during a briefing session before to the release and praised the management and personnel of UNEB for their dedicated contribution to the country despite the current conditions. Despite the start of the Ebola pandemic in various areas of the country, she praised the staff on the efficient administration of the 2022 Examinations.

The Minister was commended by the Executive Director, Mr. Dan Odongo, for her fervent support of the Board’s operations and was cited as a major source of inspiration for the Board.

At that level, a total of 832,809 candidates enrolled for the exam, an increase of 11,1% over the registration figures from the previous examination year. There were 52% female and 48% male candidates who registered. Out of the 14,153 examination centers, 80% were located at government-funded schools that were part of the Universal Primary Education Program (UPE).


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