Deputy Logistics Manager – International Procurement – France – Asnières-sur-Seine (head office)

Deputy Logistics Manager - International Procurement - France - Asnières-sur-Seine (head office)

Job Overview

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CDI – Position taken: ASAP
PUI all over the world
With 40 years of experience, Première Urgence Internationale:

[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1254″ title=”In-Feed Ads”]Helps nearly 6 million beneficiaries
With a budget of over 100 Million € per year
Distributed in 22 countries, on 5 continents
Thanks to the involvement and commitment of:

More than 2000 national employees
Around 200 expatriates of 45 different nationalities
And 90 employees at the head office
PUI operates in 10 sectors of intervention and is distinguished by the implementation of an integrated approach in its response. This method aims to identify and understand all the needs of people affected by a crisis. Our teams are mobilized to provide a comprehensive response to all the basic needs of populations who are victims of emergency humanitarian crises until they are able to regain their autonomy and dignity.[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1254″ title=”In-Feed Ads”]

To learn more about our history , our values , our areas of intervention.

Focus on the Logistics Department
The Logistics Department consists of 13 people. The mission of its members is to support the field teams, by controlling logistical procedures and practices.

And the Deputy Logistics Manager – International Procurement in all of this?
As Deputy Logistics Manager – International Procurement, you will be in charge of the general organization, the proper functioning and optimization of the medical and non-medical supply chain from Headquarters to the Field, and of the supervision of the activities of the international supply branch. You will supervise the members of your team at headquarters and you will provide support to the field teams. You will guarantee compliance with the general framework of mission monitoring activities, you will suggest changes and improvements. In the event of a risk that may have an impact on our missions and / or the Association, you will be responsible for issuing the corresponding alerts.

To this end, your responsibilities will be as follows:

Team supervision and training : You will ensure the recruitment and support of your team members. You will ensure compliance with the general framework and methodology defined for procurement activities from headquarters and in the field. You will provide professional insight to your team members and give them the means to manage the process of shipping / exporting goods for all orders (from head office or from our suppliers) to our missions. You will participate in team training actions related to procurement. / Span>
General framework, international procurement arrangements : You will be in charge of implementing the organization’s procurement strategy. You will ensure the proper functioning of the consistency and efficiency of the supply chain in general. You will be in charge of identifying, making contact, studying solutions, services and services offered by the players in the sector. You will contribute to the development, update and review of policies, procedures, tools and ensure their dissemination to headquarters and field teams. You will support the deployment of the medical supply management software, you will ensure that it matches the needs of the teams, the realities of the processes and practices.
Management, activity monitoring and optimization of the organization’s response capacities: You will oversee the control of supply operations organized from the organization’s headquarters. You will be in charge of setting up key indicators and dashboards to analyze the activity, measure the performance of actions carried out with a view to constant improvements in flow management. You will periodically monitor suppliers, service providers and partners. You will supervise, manage and monitor the competitive tendering carried out from the head office with a view to signing and renewing framework contracts. You will ensure that the risks associated with the purchase and transport of goods (complaints, management of disputes included) are controlled and will communicate to the hierarchy if necessary.[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1252″ title=”In- Article Ads”]
Strategy, programming & reporting : You will contribute to the drafting of planning and strategy documents for the logistics department for the international supply branch. You will manage the action plan defined as part of the annual programming. You will co-pilot, with the pharmacy branch of the technical service and capitalization, the transversal working group on medical supply. You will ensure regular reporting of the activity of your teams and help maintain quality reporting for headquarters and field teams.
The challenges that await you:
Participate in the launch at the end of the year of a medical supply management software.
Contribute to reflections, actions within the organization, the department, around logistics in general and supply in particular
What you will need to be successful
Training : You can justify a training (Bac + 4) in logistics, supply chain and / or humanitarian logistics.
Experience : You have strong experience in a similar position at the headquarters of an NGO or you have a professional experience of at least 6 years in procurement, including 4 years in international solidarity missions. You have experience in transport (incoterms, import / export customs procedures). You have a successful management experience. Have you already worked with Première Urgence Internationale? It will be an undeniable asset!
Skills : Do you know the procurement procedures of donors? It’s a plus !
Required qualities : You demonstrate good interpersonal skills, ease of communication, both written and oral, and you have a taste for teamwork. You demonstrate reliability and a sense of responsibility, rigor and organization, responsiveness, adaptability and you have negotiation skills. You have excellent stress resistance and the ability to work under pressure.
Languages : Do you master French and English? It is essential for this position!
A word from the manager
“Supply is at the heart of the organization’s medical activities. It combines strategic and operational aspects; He is the backbone of the help we provide in the field. The supply branch of the logistics service is dynamic with a constantly increasing volume of activities (more than 3 million Euros of purchases made from the head office for our missions in 2020) and innovative projects. ”

PUI will offer you
Status: Executive[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1254″ title=”In-Feed Ads”]
Salary: 3225 EUR gross monthly over 12 months
Medical coverage: 80% of the health and provident mutual
Coverage: Coverage for 50% of the transport ticket and 60% of the Restaurant Tickets (with a face value of € 9)[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1252″ title=”In- Article Ads”]
Rest : 5 weeks of paid vacation per year + 1 RTT per month (37h / week)
Our engagements
Première Urgence Internationale considers the diversity of nationalities, genders, beliefs, profiles and statuses within its Human Resources as a major asset for its humanitarian action, and therefore strictly observes the principle of non-discrimination throughout its work. recruitment process.

Première Urgence Internationale practices a zero tolerance policy towards exploitation, sexual abuse and mistreatment, in all its forms, of women, children and all other vulnerable people. It mobilizes all of its staff in promoting, disseminating and respecting the principles laid down in its ethics charter.

Please note that Première Urgence Internationale will under no circumstances request a financial contribution for administrative costs related to recruitment. Any information going in this direction would be fraudulent, thank you not to take it into account.

Do you recognize yourself in this profile and adhere to our commitments? Do you feel ready to take up the challenge and join the big PUI family?

How to apply
Please follow this link and complete the form on our career site.

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