20 High In Demand Jobs in UK for South African Citizens 2023

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20 High In Demand Jobs in UK for South African Citizens 2023


Being prepared, and knowing where to look and who to talk to is just as important to landing a good job in the UK as having the required skills and credentials. In the UK, there are numerous career options and salaries that can help you achieve your financial objectives. The highest-paying jobs in the UK are listed below, along with some advice on how to land a job, in case you’re unsure which one will be the most lucrative for you.

#1.Store Supervisor

Annual salary range: £17K to £60K

In the entire United Kingdom, there are thousands of store manager positions open, and many of them don’t call for advanced degrees or a particular educational background. Employing managers are more concerned with candidates’ leadership abilities and how long they have worked in the retail sector.

#2.Customer Service Representative

Annual salary range: £18,385 to £18,410

One of the most sought-after entry-level jobs in the UK is that of a customer assistant. There are tens of thousands of jobs available across the nation, and this job would give you experience in customer service that you could apply to other positions.

#3.Operations Manager

Annual salary range: £31K to £72K

One of the most sought-after careers is operations management, where there are over 10,000 positions available throughout the UK. You won’t have any trouble finding work as an operations manager if you have experience in the field and a talent for collaborating with a team to keep things in order.

#4.Business Analyst

Annual salary range: £28K to £80K

You should have no trouble finding employment as a business analyst if you have a degree in business administration, business management, or a related field. In the UK, there are more than 7,000 open positions, and one of them might be yours.


Annual salary range: £22K to £44K

In the UK, nursing is one of the most necessary and satisfying professions. If you have prior nursing experience and a desire to help people, you won’t have any trouble finding work as a registered nurse in the UK.

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Annual Salary: £24,000 to £70,000

There are many job openings to take into consideration if you have engineering experience, particularly mechanical engineering experience. Once you join a company, there are numerous opportunities for advancement in the highly sought-after field of engineering.


Annual salary range: £23K to £50K

There are numerous job opportunities in the UK if you have teaching experience, particularly secondary school teaching experience. You could play a significant role in helping those schools achieve their goal of finding passionate, qualified teachers to aid in guiding the nation’s youth.

#8.Veterinary Assistant

Annual Salary: £20,000 to £32,000

Another in-demand profession in the UK is veterinary nursing. You’ll be a good fit for a variety of veterinary nursing positions if you like working with animals and are good at helping pet parents keep their cool while their pets are being treated. As long as people own pets, there will always be a need for new employees in this field.

#9.Marketing Specialist

Annual Salary: £33,000 to £543,000

Thousands of companies all over the United Kingdom want to enhance their marketing tactics. Whether you’ve just graduated from college or have years of marketing experience, it doesn’t matter. In either scenario, you should have no trouble finding employment in the nation as a marketing specialist.

#10.Game Designer/Developer

Annual salary range: £22K to £60K

If you have experience in game design and development or if you are new to the field but want to learn, there are many positions available in the UK. Whether you work in engineering or the creation of art, you’ll have lots of chances to develop and grow.

#11.SEO specialist

Annual salary range: £21K to £47K

You’ll be a valuable asset to many different companies if you know how to use search engine optimization skills to enhance website functionality, improve the company’s website visibility, and boost search engine rankings. Most businesses, from marketing agencies to medical centers, can benefit from having an SEO expert on staff.

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#12.Designer (UX/UI)

Annual Salary: £24,000 to £50,000

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design are two of the most popular tech-related jobs in the United Kingdom. If you’ve worked in web development and know what it takes to make websites and apps look good and work properly, you’re in good shape to become a UI/UX designer.

#13.Care Provider

Annual salary range: £16,575 to £18,038

Care Provider is another good job opening for those with passion for helping others but lacks a medical degree. Many care homes across the UK are looking for kind, compassionate employees who can make their kids feel more at ease whenever they are away from home.


Annual salary range: £23K to £50K

Accounting is one of the most in-demand jobs in the UK because businesses of all sizes (as well as individuals) require assistance managing their finances. If you have a background in accounting or finance, you should have no trouble finding work in the United Kingdom.

#15.Licensed Social Worker

Annual salary range: £23K to £38K

Another of the most in-demand jobs in the United Kingdom is social work. Patients in hospitals, children, families in need, and everyone in between all require the services of social workers. If you have social work experience and are looking for a new job, you will have no trouble finding one in the United Kingdom, where demand is high.

Can South African citizens work in the UK?

Yes. In the UK, South African nationals are permitted to work. You must obtain a work permit in order to be eligible to apply for job openings and work permanently in the UK if you are a recent graduate looking for employment there.

Requirements to Obtain a Work Permit in the UK

Before applying for a work permit in the UK, you must meet the following requirements:

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Have a confirmed job offer from a licensed UK employer who will act as your sponsor; and Have your sponsoring employer’s Certificate of Sponsorship; and

Pass the points-based assessment, which is detailed on the work permit pages for each category

How can a South African get a job in the UK?

There are several ways for South Africans or immigrants from other nations to find employment in the UK. Some of these ways include:

Recruiting Companies

Most recruitment agencies are headhunters who find executives and professionals on behalf of big businesses. These organizations can help you locate temporary employment in any sector of your choice.

Newspapers and Media sites

Media organizations like The Guardian UK are excellent places to look for graduate and professional jobs, particularly in industries like the arts, politics, government, housing, education, and culture. You can also search other reputable UK websites for employment opportunities.

Checking the Company’s Website

You can also search the websites of the companies to see if there are any open positions or find the information you can use to speculatively submit an application. You can find out more information about the business and its rivals as well as the name of the person to get in touch with if you want to approach them directly.

You can quickly find the company’s hiring mail address and send your application or mail to find out if the position is still open rather than searching for the hiring manager’s name or the budget.

When it comes to choosing a job or career, our list of top lifetime priorities is topped by personal motivations. While motivation may be crucial, it is also necessary to take profits into account. We don’t want to devote all of our time and energy to obtaining the necessary education and credentials only to find ourselves working part-time jobs that barely cover our expenses.


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